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September 21, 2007 | INDONESIAN CUISINE

Omah Sendok

Last night, my office held a ‘buka puasa’ at Omah Sendok. I heard about this place for quite some times now, but haven’t managed to visit it. So I asked for their phone number from 108, called them in the morning to reserve, and it turn out we have to pay minimum 50% down payment first by ATM transfer. So we transfered the money, faxed the receipt and then got a confirmation call. The place was located in a housing complex near Senopati. It was quite hard to find if we don’t asked them properly how to reach the place. We got a pool side table, and the place was simply charming, with paper latterns hanging on the trees. It create a warm atmosphere. Omah Sendok had a mission to preserve Indonesian culinary. So all the meal were authentic indonesian cuisine that were already hard to find. There were : lumpia, risoles, sosis solo, tahu cocol, bakmoy, sop buntut, soto bogor, soto iga, soto tangkar, rawon, garang asem, lontong sate ponorogo, petis madura, nasi ulam, bestik jawa, rolade daging. bubur sumsum, cingcau, dawet, rujak gobet, beras kencur hangat, bir pletok, kopi tubruk, wedang jahe etc.

Omah Sendok
For ‘Buka Puasa’ event at the pool side, Omah Sendok offering a buffet for 65K nett. which consist of nasi putih, nasi goreng, soto tangkar, ayam bakar legit, gurame goreng, bestik jawa, sayur urap, mie bakso, pempek, tahu cocol, soft drink, es dawet, bubur sum sum. Overal the meal was delicious, we all have a good time there. oh, btw there also a space for those who want to pray. 🙂

Omah Sendok
Warisan Kuliner Indonesia

Jl. Empu Sendok no.45. Jakarta 12110. Indonesia
ph. +62(21) 521-4531. 5296-4745
fx. +62(21) 5296-3145

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  • mBu

    Yeah, I do agree that the food was delicious. Too bad i came up late and can’t taste all yesterday. But I bet that the bestik and gurame were also delicious.. 😉

  • Andrian

    mayan menarik kayanya 😀
    lokasinya dimana ? senopati deket2 Harvest disana gt? lewat tembus BEJ gt bisa donk?

  • Jenz

    Lewat SCBD bisa kok… sebelum pom bensin belok kiri 2 kali 🙂

  • kalengkrupuk

    I visited this place once. The place is nice and the food is good. This place is also good for ‘mojok’ I think. 🙂

  • Arie

    Hm terharu mendengar Omah sendok masih konsisten, ga sia2 juga gue hehehhe

  • icha

    suasananya kayk dipesta kawinan orang

  • juli

    setuju sm jen, menu-menu di Omah Sendok enak-enak, kebetulan belum lama aku kesana sop buntut gorengnya, jempol bgt!!

  • robert

    kalau mo lihat lokasinya, ada di lumayan akurat juga sih kemaren.. emang enak tu buat mo hunt makanan indo2 .. n emang udah lama beredar resto ini..

  • ayoe

    searching omah sendok, nyampe ke sini jen, ada mas windu nya lgi, hihihi….

  • b4nch4

    looks like a great place, kira2 cocok ga nih buat dijadiin acara resepsi ya?

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