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May 4, 2015 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, No Pork, Rice, South Jakarta, Sundanese Cuisine


This restaurant has been on my wishlist for nearly a year, but since it’s located so far away at South Jakarta, we haven’t had a chance to visit it. Apparently, I just need a little visual encouragement to go there because once I saw a friend post a picture of nasi liwet and sambal kecombrang on her Path wall, I can’t stop drooling at the thought of going to Opah Mami. So we went there two weeks ago. Opah Mami is located at The Promenade, Pejatean area, where there are also an ACE Hardware store and several other restaurants. The two-story building have a colonial / vintage look and feel. The first floor with an open kitchen concept is designated as the smoking area, while the second floor is for the non-smoking guests. The interior of the second floor is very cozy with a large mural on one side of the room illustrating the dishes offered by Opah Mami.


Opah Mami is a Sundanese restaurant that boasts their nasi liwet peda (savory rice served with salted fish made from ikan kembung / mackerel) alongside other traditional West Java dishes like nasi tutug oncom (rice mixed with fermented soy bean), sate maranggi (Purwakarta’s style beef satay) and many more. On our first visit, we only ordered their nasi tutug oncom 60K, nasi bakar peda (savory rice wrapped in banana leaf and baked) 30K, jengkol teri cabe ijo (jengkol bean cooked with anchovies and green chili pepper) 35K, sate maranggi 60K, sambal combrang 20K and warm kunyit asem 20K. Their nasi liwet peda came with fried chicken, salted fish, fried tofu and tempeh, chili sambal and a bowl of sayur asem (Indonesian sweet and sour vegetables soup). The dishes were very delicious, with moderate portions but quite fulfilling. I love their jengkol dish, very balanced and works well with anchovies and green chili. Their sambal combrang was also good although not as spicy as the chili sambal that accompanied the nasi liwet dish.


  • opah-mami-nasi-liwet-komplit-peda-sarerea-sate-maranggi-tumis-lidah-asin
  • opah-mami-nasi-liwet-peda
  • opah-mami-nasi-bakar-peda
  • opah-mami-sate-maranggi
  • opah-mami-jengkol-teri-cabe-ijo
  • opah-mami-tumis-lidah-asin
  • opah-mami-sambal-combrang

We went back again last week with more friends. This time we ordered their nasi liwet komplit peda sarerea 200K (the menu suggests the dish for 4 people), sate maranggi 60K, and tumis lidah asin (stir-fried beef tongue) 35K. For a 4 pax portion, it really felt like a feast. The nasi liwet is cooked and served in panci kastrol (thick aluminium pot that is used to cook rice in West Java), so there will be some rice crust at the bottom of the pot which has a nice burnt and savory taste. We loved nearly all of the dishes. The only sour point was that the fried chicken were a bit though.


Overall, we enjoyed our time at Opah Mami, I always love this kind of home-cooked Indonesian dishes plus the service here is also friendly. We haven’t tried their dessert yet, so I have another excuse to drag SC here again.

Opah Mami
The Promenade
Jl. Buncit Raya No. 98, Pasar Minggu
South Jakarta
Ph. +62(21) 29704981 ext:140

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