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June 6, 2011 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, Noodle, North Jakarta, South Sumatra

Last month, SC & I are in the Sunter area during lunch time. We found a place called Otak-Otak Belijong. I remembered reading/hearing about this place from a friend. So we entered this place and found out, from the menu, it was quite promising. Otak-otak Belijong offers authentic Bangkanese/Belinyu cuisine. Besides otak-otak and empek-empek, they also had selada mien 15K, theu fu kok 17K, mie ikan (ng mian) 23K, kersan ikan/udang goreng, pangsit ikan (ng khiau) 23K. I was so excited, I wanted to order it all if SC hadn’t stopped me 🙂

Otak Otak Belijong

So, we decided to order a little bit of this and a little bit of that. We ordered otak-otak ikan tenggiri 2.8K/pcs, empek-empek ikan 2.3K/pcs, empek-empek udang 2.8K/pcs, bakso udang (ha jan) 2.8K/pcs, bakso ikan (ng jan) 2.3K/pcs. All of it was served with a mini chopping board complete with a mini cleaver. It was so cute, I like it so much. The taste was delicious (although I preferred the fried version than the steamed ones), and the cuko (Palembangese spicy tamarind sauce) was fresh, sour and tasty.


For the main dishes, I picked mie ikan (ng mian) 23K, while SC opted for theu fu kok 17K. The quality of the theu fu kok’s ingredients were top notch and the soup was tasty. I love my mie ikan! I had never tasted this kind of noodle before. I like the noodle’s texture and I can feel the fish meat in every bite, plus the broth was light and tasty. To bad I’m already full after I finished this meal, if not I’d still want to order their selada mien. 🙂


Otak-Otak Belijong
Makanan Khas Belinyu – Bangka

Ruko Sunter Metro
Jl Danau Sunter Utara Blok A1 No 2
North Jakarta
ph 62 21 6510743
hp. 0859 2128 2298

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    Bagaimana bisa pesan otak otak Belijong? Terima kasih.

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