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January 30, 2009 | CUISINE, JAKARTA, Seafood, Thai & Vietnam Cuisine, West Jakarta

Whenever we go to Mangga Dua, I’m always looking for TomYam for lunch. I’ve already tried Mama Kitchen’s tomyam, so this time we decided to try Papaco. The place was bursting with people having quick lunches in between their christmas shopping. After wandering for a while, we found Papaco’s stall and got a table nearby. I ordered a portion of Tomyam seafood with kuetiau/flat rice noodle (forgot how much it cost.. about 20K-25K if i’m not mistaken). The dish was served almost immediately, but I had to nag for a spoon and extra cilantro. It tasted descent, but not spicy enough. I think Mama Kithen serves a much better Tomyam than this place.

Pa Pa Co
Tom Yam Seafood

ITC Mangga Dua lt.2 Blok A No.19-20
ph. +62(21) 6017089
hp. 0811 139372

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  • lollies

    the soup looks so thick, more like curry soup than tom yam, plus noodles? hmm makes me wonder..tfs anyway

  • Angella

    I also think Mama Kitchen serves yummier tom yam than Papaco

  • Samuel

    Is that cilantro or coriander leaves?

  • admin

    yups, cilantro = coriander = daun ketumbar

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