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January 21, 2009 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, CUISINE, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta, Western Cuisine


Last month, we had a quick lunch at Pan-O before the chocolate appreciation class. It’s a new pancake restaurant at FX lifestyle center and as predicted, stationed the non-smoker outside of the restaurant *hiks*. We ordered their three stack original pancake with maple syrup, one fancy pancake called kyoto (grilled chicken, tomatoes, chicken ham, oyster mushroom and mozarella, served with rolled pancake and mashed potato) 50K and berry ice drinks. Their original pancake tasted quite good, although not as good as the pancake in Pancious. Their fusion / fancy pancake tasted is just mediocre, though the drink was nice. Overall, I think this place is overpriced with standard pancake.


FX lifestyle X’nter, F1 floor, unit 08-09< br/>
Jl. Jend. Sudirman – Pintu 1
Jakarta 10270
ph. +62(21) 2555 4250

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  • V

    Jen, pancake di sono tebel2 yah? Bantet gak? Gue coba di FX (gue lupa, di basement, Bali Deli kalo gak salah) bentuknya kayak gitu dan bantet 🙁

  • William Silfanus

    Mahal dan ga enak? Ya itu emang moto kami! Pan-O pancake mahal dan ga enak.

  • Dinda

    Ga rekomen untuk makan pancake disini dech. Pelayanannya buruk, pancake so-so bgt bgts, dan overpriced. Mendingan Pancious kemana-mana. Trims for sharing Jen.

  • OBe

    coba steaknya. medium cooked. very tender and delicious. mantap..!!

  • purwariny

    pancious paling mantabb…

  • K

    Gue bilang sih ini jauh lebih enak daripada Pancious. They really make a good quality pancake, fluffy, taste just right (without being too sweet). It’s just tasty without having to put any syrup or sauce on it.
    I prefer this than pancious..pancious’ pancakes are sometimes undercooked because maybe selalu rame..
    maybe you can try their pasta sometimes..the pastas are all good

  • William Silfanus (the real)

    Thx for all the comments.
    And thx for coming to Pan-O =)
    We took all the comments for improve our product to satisfy our customers.
    btw, this is me, William Silfanus.
    the first one, he is fake.

  • nadia

    pan o pokonya is the best

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