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March 1, 2011 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, Closed, Medan

After 2 rounds of breakfast, we were already quite full. But we decided to make one more stop at a place called Kedai Tiramisu to try their specialty: pancake durian. The price for one of these pancakes is 12K, but it was worth it! Wrapped inside the thin pancake is real Medanese Durian without cream or other filling unlike the durian pancakes we usually find in Jakarta. This was one of the best things I ever had in Medan. It’s also available for souvenir as they have designed a special wrappings to keep the pancakes cool and odorless during flight. So, if you’re tired of bringing bika ambon or bolu gulung as a souvenir from Medan, give this a try. 🙂
Pancake Duren Kedai Tiramisu
I tried another version of pancake durian at Durian House – Sekip, Medan the next day. It was cheaper (only 7.5K a piece), but the winner is still Kedai Tiramisu.

Kedai Tiramisu
Jl. Sutomo No.77 (across the road from Jl. Bogor)

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  • V

    Jadi crepe isi duren yg dikupas dari bijinya gitu?

  • admin

    @V: kayanya sih gitu ya Ven, kalau pun ada cream fillingnya ngga berasa 😀

  • ord

    may i hv the telp number?coz i want 2 reserved the B’daey cake the durian flavour..for my frenz at medan.plz reply A.S.A.P 10’

  • elsa

    Can I order by phone n u can send me by packet tiki to jakarta ?

  • syara

    boleh minta no. telf nya?

  • Densy

    Pancake durian Kedai Tiramisu bukannya ada di Jl. Katamso belakang bank BCA?

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