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June 15, 2007 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, JAKARTA, South Jakarta


Last weekend we stopped by this ‘fancy’ cake shop. At first we planned to taste their cake on spot, but turn out the place was quite small and the only place to sit was showered by hot sunlight. so we decided to packed several cake choices and bring it to Q. We choose 4 types of cake in 8×8 cm (18.5K) : “diablo chocolate square” (Parish’s devilicious signature dark chocolate cake), fudge chocolate square” (chunky milk chocolate all the way), “tiramisu” and “greentea cake”. all this cake came with free topping bar (we picked MnM & marsmallow ) & wrapped in a black box with maroon ribbon (quite nice packaging i said). In my opinion, the cakes taste so so, the only acceptable cake was only the ‘diablo’ which taste OK lah, the other was either too sweet (fudge & tiramisu) or taste weird (green tea). I don’t know.. I don’t really like this place, I think they only sell a so so cake with nice packaging 🙁 btw there’s quite delicious sate ayam in front of this place.

Premium Devil’s Food Cake

Jl. Kayi Maja no. 21(across RS Pertamina, before Oen Pao restaurant)
ph. +62(21)706-92606 , 720-1281

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  • venny

    🙁 btw there’s quite delicious sate ayam in front of this place.
    Ahuahahhahahahahahhahahah :))

  • chiquita

    Packagingnya emang bagus ya 😡
    Gue belum pernah coba yang lain, cuma pernah coba yang Diablo. Menurut gue sih enak ya, apalagi ada potongan-potongan coklat utuhnya.
    Tapi emang yang paling t.o.p.b.g.t ya sate ayam di depannya. Langganan gue selain sate ayam Sambas *OOT yang diteruskan*

  • Ivonne

    I think the cake looks so so

  • imel

    yup.. the taste is absolutely so so.. once is enough 😛

  • Dewi

    dah pernah nih beli kue ultahnya Devil Cake..waktu pertama2 banget mereka buka….terpikat dengan promo di email en lihat packaging mereka…ternyata gak oke..coklatnya bolehlah..tapi cakenya gak..

  • Jeanette

    was just about to try it… 🙂 thanks for the review. will check out the satay though. haha.

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