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June 17, 2008 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, Tangerang

Pasmo BSD

Last month we visited Pasar Modern BSD with several friends. I’ve heard about this place for some time, but never had a chance to visit it until last month. We arrived there around 7:30 in the morning and its already quite hard to find a parking space. While waiting for our friends to arrive, we went to Serabi Notosuman near the south entrance. They offer two kinds of serabi: the original one & with chocolate topping. We tried both and decided that the original tasted the best, especially while it’s still hot.

Pasmo BSD

After that we started to explore the market. It is big, very clean & organised for a traditional market. There are a lot of food stalls. We chose to sit at Nasi Bogana May May and ordered nasi bali, nasi liwet, nasi bogana. The dishes tasted OK, not so good, but not so bad either. Then we continued going around the market. In the middle of the market, there’s a very crowded food stall called Oenpao offering halal Chinese food selection for breakfast such as: dimsum, chicken & duck congee, nasi hainam etc. After waiting for a while, we finally got a place to sit. We ordered several kinds of dimsum, nasi hainam bebek panggang, bubur ayam & bakmi oenpao. Overall the dishes tasted decent, but nothing spectacular. Before leaving the market, we stopped by a bakery called Golden Egg Tart Bakery and bought some egg start for snack on our journey home.

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  • prayoga

    i loove serabi notosuman.. they’re so goooood.. i can eat 10 by myself haha.. oenpao is also good, i go there for breakfast sometimes too.. the owner’s son is my bro’s friend and sometimes he gives us extra haha..

  • Tjing2

    Jen, alamat lengkap & lokasi tepatnya Pasmo ini dimana? Kalo dari tol, ambil arah kemana? Thx!

  • jenz

    @Tjing2: kalo dari arah tol tangerang keluar di pintu BSD.. trus lurus aja terus sampe ketemu BSD Junction belok kiri. ngelewatin taman kota. ntar bakal keliatan tempat yang antrian mobil masuknya panjang banget.

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