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September 2, 2008 | Central jakarta, JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, Noodle

pasta de waraku
Last month, a restaurant chain opens its first restaurant at Grand Indonesia. The place is called “Pasta the Waraku”, a franchise from Singapore, serving all kinds of pasta in Japanese style. When we arrived there on a friday night, there was already a small queue in front of the restaurant. So we took our number and waited for about fifteen minutes. The restaurant is located on a section of Grand Indonesia that is called the garden district, which is heavily decorated in Japanese style. However, the decorations felt weird and the section is dark with several spotlights punctuating the decorations. As for the restaurant itself, it isn’t big, but cleverly arranged, with good lighting and mirrors blanketing the walls, making the restaurant seems much larger. The front display shows a very attractive real size menus, plus they separate the smoking and non smoking sections.

pasta de waraku

After we got our seats, we were given a big book of menu. Basically the menu is divided into several sections: wafu sauce (a kind of seafood stock) based pasta, cream sauce based pasta, soup pasta, tomato sauce based pasta, salad pasta and pizza. We ordered a plate of spaghetti with salmon & salmon roe in wafu sauce 68K and Fetucinne in creme prawn basil sauce 58K, plus freeflow ocha 8K. Overall, the taste was quite exquisite. I especially liked the pasta in wafu sauce. It was not creamy or oily at all, with light and clean aftertaste. The fetucinne creme sauce had a poached egg on top, with still runny yolk & it made the pasta tasted more rich. Since they were still in opening promo, we got vouchers for 50% cashback on second visit, so I think we will be back. 🙂

Pasta de Waraku
Grand Indonesia Mall,
Garden District Level 3A Unit 05 & 06,
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1, Jakarta 10310, Indonesia
ph. +62(21) 2358-0916
fax. +62(21) 2358-0917
open daily : 10am – 10pm (Last order 09:30pm)

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  • Herlina

    kalo nurut gw pribadi, harganya little bit pricey buat mutu makanannya, waktu itu kita bertiga sharing 3 macam pasta, yg nurut kita enak cuma yg ada kerangnya(yg favoritnya), yg curry kayak indomie, fettucininya pake yogurt so rasanya asem.3 macam pasta ditagih hampir 290 rb, ehm, cukup mahal ye, walaupun dpt cash back.

  • Benny

    Now… this is new…. apakah jadinya gak pakai keju?

  • V

    Arrrrgh, gue mo coba bikin yg wafu sauce ah… Enak kedengerannya.

  • chiquita

    gue sama nat ngincer makan di sini belum kesampean nih..
    kalo loe sama SC mau ke sini lagi, gue sama nat ikut dooong

  • thea

    wah..mahal ya??
    ber3 290??
    tapi enak ga?
    yg the best yg mana??

  • jenz

    chic.. yuk yuk… hr rabu minggu depan mau? makan siang? masih ada voucher yang blom dipake nih.

  • Mita

    Omg gue udah nyoba pasta de waraku. personally i think it tastes like instant pastas served with instant sauces that they sell in japan.
    waktu itu gue coba corn cream soupnya. rasanya persis banget sama instant corn cream soup yang biasa dijual di supermarket-supermarket di jepang dengan harga 100 yen (sekitar Rp. 8000).
    spaghetti with salmon n salmon roenya juga bumbunya instant. salmon roenya udah ngga segar lagi. *sigh*
    untuk minum, gue pesen hot cocoa. At first baunya enak banget, aroma coklat murninya kuat banget. tapi setelah dicoba, rasanya manis banget, cukup untuk bikin orang sehat jadi diabetes.
    overall i think it was a disaster.

  • Tjing2

    Heemmm..after 4 times tried to have a seat with no result..FULLY BOOKED! We have to queue without exact waiting time, we again..and again have to find somewhere else to eat. But, after reading comments from others..specially as Mita said..Heemmmm, i shall think twice to urge myself to go for the fifth!!

  • Daniel Prawira

    G juga setuju ama Mita, g juga waktu itu makan ber-3 ama temen2 g, habisnya jg sekitar 280rb-an, g pesen pasta carbonara, spicy carbonara (kalau ga salah ingat) dan pasta yang berkuah (specialty mereka forgot the name), overall it was disaster as Mita said b4, cm pasta berkuah itu yang menurut g lumayan rasa kuahnya…tryin their banana parfait too, menurut g seh lumayan, rasanya light dan ga ngeneg-in.

  • Ivonne

    Thanks for the info and comments guys. I will never ever come to this place.

  • shinta

    rugi besar makan ditempat ini, rasanya biasa aja harganya nggak rasional..

  • Pasta Lover

    the taste was awfully not right. makanya restoran keramean memang rata2 masaknya ga enak yah. apalagi ala carte

  • Halalkah?

    Ini halalkah?

  • Anita

    Went to Pasta de Waraku a couple of weeks ago with some mates. I knew it was a bad idea going there never liked the display everytime I passed the restaurant, but my mates insisted.
    The worst, ever pasta I’ve ever had and I paid a LOT for their squid ink noodle (ok the menu says ‘spaghetti’ but it tasted more like a Japanese ramen! perhaps their idea of a fusion ‘Italian’ cuisine??)
    Who with a sane mind would fuse Japanese cuisine with Italian? Disaster!
    Will visit the Warung Kopi at Alun2 Indonesia GI next time better priced, much better food!

  • hark

    Tried there twice… dissapointed both times. Bad food and good ambiance is the ít’ thing nowadays. Consider waraku, Mr. Curry, nanny papillion, etc.

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