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March 9, 2011 | Central jakarta, East Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA

Last year, I read an article in DetikFood about a place at Gondangdia that serves delicious East Javanese dishes. So last month, when we were at the area during lunch time, we decided to give it a try. Turned out it is right next door to the famous Bakmie Gondangdia. It’s actually a house turned into a restaurant. When we entered the place, it was quite smoky, as the smoke from the satay’s griller blowed right into the house. The menu is quite simple and we decided to order their specialties: nasi pecel madiun 15K and sate ponorogo 23K, with cendol 10K. I asked whether the rice from nasi pecel madiun can be substituted with lontong and they said yes (with an additional charge of 8K). It was delicious, but the portion is small compared to the price. SC’s sate ponorogo was also delicious, the meat was tender and not overdone, and the peanut sauce tasted good as it’s still chunky. 🙂

Pecel Madiun RM. HADIR Gondangdia

Sate Ayam Ponorogo RM Hadir Gondangdia

Pecel Madiun, Rawon & Sate Ponorogo
RM. Hadir

Jl. Gondangdia Lama no.34
Central Jakarta 10330

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  • febee

    di pecel nya ada pete cina nya, sayur pecel nya apa aja jenz ?

  • admin

    daon2 standar pecel Feb: singkong, kangkung, toge, kacang panjang dll 🙂

  • Elisa Sutanudjaja

    Ini favorite gua juga kalau lagi ngantor 😀 bajaj-an kesana ha5 … Telor asinnya juga enak Jen.
    Kalau malam dia berubah jadi jajanan yang lain lagi,tapi di halamannya.

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