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September 25, 2015 | Central Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, No Pork, Non Smoking Resto, West Jakarta

Several weeks ago, SC told me about a restaurant called Mlinjo Cafe and Resto in Tomang area. Upon learning that they serve Pekalongan food such as nasi megono and cumi item, I really wanted to give it a try. So last weeekend, after a quick coffee stop at 9 Cups Coffee, we headed to Mlinjo Cafe and Resto for an early dinner. Located at a quiet residential street parallel with Tomang Raya, Mlinjo Cafe and Resto is really a house that has been turned into a restaurant so the parking space is limited. I was quite surprised to find that the place is nicely decorated, with warm colors and lots of pillows covered in beautiful Batik Pekalongan patterns. There’s a corner that sells traditional snacks, coffee and tea.


The menu consists of various Pekalongan’s favorite dishes, ranging from megono nangka, megono gurih, cumi item, pecak cucut, mangut, sriping cabe ijo and many more. Since it was just the two of us, we only ordered a portion of megono nangka 9K, cumi item 25K and perkedel jagung 10K to share. The megono tasted very good and a bit spicy, but I love it that way. The cumi item (squid cooked with its ink) was equally tasty. Since there are still many dishes we haven’t covered from the menu, we decided to come back again with friends.


So several days later, we went to Mlinjo Cafe and Resto at lunch time with my foodie friends. This time we ordered megono nangka 9K, cumi item 25K, pecak cucut 20K, mangut 22K, sriping cabe ijo 27.5K, garang asem ayam 27.5K and tumis daun pepaya 13.5K. The megono and cumi item were still as good as I tasted earlier. The sriping cabe ijo also tasted good. Some of the dishes like mangut and garang asem were so spicy that SC skipped them. But overall, we like all of the dishes and ended our little feast with a portion of es gobet 20K which is basically rujak serut (shredded fruit with spicy sauce) plus ice cream.


  • mlinjo-resto-megono-nangka
  • mlinjo-resto-mangut-iwak-pe
  • mlinjo-resto-sayur-pepaya
  • mlinjo-cafe-cumi-item
  • mlinjo-resto-sriping-cabe-ijo
  • mlinjo-cafe-garang-asem
  • mlinjo-cafe-pecak-cucut

So far I’m loving this place very much. The service and price are great and most of all, no smoking inside the restaurant. Before I knew about this place, I always went to Bumbu Pekalongan in Gading Serpong to get my megono fix, but from now on, I’ll surely go to Mlinjo Cafe and Resto more often.

Mlinjo Cafe & Resto
Jl. Kemuning No.50
West Jakarta 11430
Ph. +62(21) 568 4701

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  • Linda Ngadiman

    I am so happy to know that you love the food and the decoration. Thank you so much for your visit and also your review, it is indeed very much appreciated. How about the coffee? Did you try the coffee? At the Mlinjo Cafe and Resto we serve coffee Rosso from Caffe Molinari. Caffe Molinari is coffee from Modena Italy. ROSSO is coffee with mixed 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta. Our best seller is Afogatto espresso with Vanilla Gelato, capuccino and sanger, espresso with condensed milk. You must try! It’s kind of an interesting and working well concept to mix Javanese food with Coffee with Italian Style. Coffee is always the best companion in the morning before you start your day, after good food and a nice buddy for your meetings. Come again and try our coffee…Love to hear your comment about out coffee. Once again thank so much for being our regular customer. Enjoy your weekend. Hope to see you at Mlinjo Cafe and Resto.

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