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June 28, 2006 | CUISINE, JAKARTA, Malaysia Singapore, West Jakarta

Roti Canai

I tried “Roti Canai” again last weekend, this time I went to “Penang Restaurant” located at Tanjung Duren Road. and I insisted to order “roti canai with chicken curry” 16.5K again to compare it with the one I had at “Penang Place”, the Curry turned out much more spicy than “penang place”, and the roti is more firm & oily but still don’t resembled what I ate at KL. I think I’ll continue to search for “roti canai” whenever I went to Malaysian restaurant.

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  • zink

    prata yah, disini byk banget yg jualan roti prata, penggemarnya jg lumayan, average, ga membludak kayak jak (antrian jco, antrian breadtalk,antrian rotiboy :D) but steady.
    biasanya dijual plain prata, cheese prata, en egg prata plus dengan curry nya. nyummmy 😉
    gw pernah makan cheese prata with fish curry di bedok, nyummy bangetz.. ;p.. nah deket t4 gw (clementi) jg ada jual prata yg lumayan fav, nanti gw coba yah pas balik sono jenz, tak poto2 kasih lo liat degh..
    bentuk sih kayak pan cake plus curry. oh ya, ada lagi tissue prata, tipis crispy, dengan ukuran jumbo hoahaha.. guede deh kayak kertas ukuran gede digulung, pas disajikan elo bisa nyengir liatnya 😀
    i’m prata loverz..

  • darren

    try penang bistro…maybe u’ll like it, the crispy prata not bad…

  • Alex

    Maybe we should try “Penang Restaurant” at Plaza Indonesia instead. my friends said, this-one is still one-management group with Ta Wan and Canton Bay Restaurant. despite of the popularity of Ta Wan and Canton Bay. Maybe we should “Roti Canai” Over there by oru self

  • Anonymous

    you may try “roti cane’ at Restaurant Kubang in Jl. Dr. Sahardjo or Jl. Kali Malang.

  • IzZzeN

    Maybe should try Roti Canainya Penang Bistro in Pakubuwono or in Martabak Har should taste all right…

  • Samuel

    Ah this remind me during my MBA program on Universiti Utara Malaysia in Sintok, Kedah, there are lots of roti canay. Its very cheap and tasty.

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