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May 27, 2010 | CUISINE, Italian Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

I’ve been wanting to come to this place for a long time, back when it was named Trattoria. Since the place changed its name into PEPeNERO, I heard many good reviews for their pizza. So last month, I managed to drag SC there after work. The place itself was not big, but it’s cozy. The inner part of the restaurant is mainly a smoking section, so we chose to sit on the table outside, near Menara Karya’s lobby. It was still early for dinner (around 6PM) but the place was already half full.

A basket of warm bread and a portion of bruchetta were placed in front of us while we’re studying the menu and they were delicious. The first thing we looked for in a Italian restaurant is quatro formaggi pizza as it’s our favorite pizza and luckily, they have it. We ordered quatro formaggi e rucola (tomato sauce, mozarella, mixed four cheeses and fresh rocket salad) 47K, and then I saw the menu of that week Risotto porcini e porchetta (risotto with porcini mushroom and roast roll pork) 60K. I ordered that too since I’m a fan of risotto and, of course, pork 🙂 Plus creme brulee classica al pistachio (oven baked creme brulee with pistachio) 43K for dessert. The risotto came first, the portion is big and it was as creamy as it could get. Several spoons of it is enough to make me full, so I can only eat a slice of the ‘oh so yummy’ pizza. We decided to take home the pizza, and go straight to dessert. It was also good. After that, they gave us each a complementary small glass of chocolacello, a chocolate flavored limoncello. Overall, we’re very impressed with this place. PEPeNERO is surely one of Jakarta’s pizza havens.

Menara Karya Building 1st floor
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

p. +62(21) 5794 4727
f. +62(21) 5794 4726

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  • dr. B

    my fave italian 🙂
    try the papardelle al funghi, yummylicious!

  • V

    The pizza certainly looks REALLY good! The kind you get here in Europe.

  • rerere

    setuju pepenero emang enak, dan royal sekali..

  • andi

    Nice ambience at evening, and food was nice with reasonable price. wishing that I could work at Gedung Energy Medco, with such a nice and modern architecture.
    papardelle al funghi is also a favorite. the other is pork sausage with white wine.

  • Avigayil

    Actually if not mistaken Trattoria is still Trattoria (it hasn’t changed name to Pepenero), Trattoria has just moved elsewhere (further down Kuningan road).

  • paijo

    one of my favorite pizza restaurant. but recently they just jacked up the price

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