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February 12, 2007 | Japanese & Korean Cuisine

Several weeks ago we visited “pepperlunch” for dinner, Its a very popular fastfood selfservice restaurant from Japan. I want to visit this place for so long, but didn’t have a chance, so even though we heard not so good review about this place from several friends, I decided that I must try it myself. There’s about 15 package menu to choose (but shimofuri peppersteak 67,273K was sold out), so we picked : “Hitokuchi” Cut Steak 46,364K, Salmon Pepper Rice 41,818K and Beef Pepper Rice 37,273K. The package come with white rice and softdrink (you can change it into greentea). after paying at the counter we were given a number of our table. there’s a big LCD screen every corner that show us how to cooked our meal. After 10 minutes our meal came in sizzling hot pot & we began to mixed it with the sauce provided on the table (garlic soy sauce & honey brown sauce). Overall it was good, the meat was so tender, the pepper rice package to me tasted like “nasi goreng”, and it was very very tasty (it think it depends on how much sauce we pour into the meal). But shortly after finished my meal, I began to feel my throat became rough and very sore, and a bit thirsty. 🙁 after that I think I’ll never came to this place so often 😛
Pepper Lunch


Plaza Senayan
Level 3, Unit 318C
Jl Asia Afrika No.8

ph. +62(21) 572 5551
fx. +62(21) 572 5550

Plaza Indonesia
Level LB#57,58-58B
Jl. M.H.Thamrin Kav.28-30

ph. +62(21) 310 7621
+62(21) 310 7616

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  • lir4

    i’ve tried the one located at plaza indonesia,it really is a bog portion.. ^^ the price is quite expensive though for a portion of pepper rice..

  • customer

    actually, the taste.. average. i tasted in Plaza Senayan.. and the price.. pretty much expensive, for fast food

  • jessica

    personally i think everything at pepper lunch is delicious. i don’t eat rice in order to cut carbs, but for pepper lunch… i’m going to make an exception 😀
    i love the salmon one, i usually pour so much sauce on my rice, i love their sauce! haha
    p.s: the shake salad is great too! try the wakame one
    p.s again: try their soft cream dessert, black sesame flavour! YUM

  • karin

    I tried it 2 weeks ago at Plz Indonesia bcoz of my bro’s recommendation. He recommended me to try the rice menu.
    Weew… I think the price has been increased, pricey huh… but still there was a long queue.
    I tried “beef pepper lunch”, i think the meal is delicious & unique. Still worth buying lah.

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