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February 13, 2007 | Thai & Vietnam Cuisine

I’ve heard about this place so long, not really want to try it (I don’t like restaurants that selling their food using a gimmick like ‘pho for the president’). That night after “pepperlunch”, we stop by “Pho 2000” at Senayan City for a drink. I was hoping I could get a glass of “lemongrass ice tea” but they do not have that on their menu,( so I ended up ordering a glass of ice tea and 1 lemongrass stick (smashed), not really satisfy though 🙁 My friends ordered a bowl of their ‘pho bo’ (beef noodle soup : which the noodle was overcooked and the soup not very tasty) and ‘cha gio’ (crispy spring roll : too oily). Overall I think vietopia or do an are more authentic than this place.
Pho 2000

PHO’ 2000

Pondok Indah Mall 2. 334A
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
South Jakarta 12310
ph/fx : +62(21) 7592-0730
Senayan City lt.5-48
Jl. Asia Afrika
Central Jakarta
ph/fx: +62(21) 7278-1500

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  • Reza

    I tried pho 2000 quite a long while ago it was kind of bland, didn’t do anything for me, no lasting impression….well except for the fact that i spent too much money for something that didn’t taste that good.Anyway, Vietopia is still the best place for Pho Bo, at least that’s what i think.

  • Liong

    Wow…ulasan dan picture2nya …bagus bgt. I like it very much. Sayang kagak bisa nyobain..jauh dirantau (apalagi pict2 dgn masakan Indo).

  • flona

    Setelah pepper lunch? *kagum* Dan ukuran lo masih segitu jen? *tambah kagum*

  • syntia

    wah…sayang ya…gk seheboh namanya…thnx, jen….atas reviewnya….

  • dewi

    hi Jen, nice site!!very helpful n handy indeed 🙂
    g pernah makan pho di pho24 di ho chi minh city- berdasarkan rekomendasi orang2 setempat-yummi bangett–sayurnya banyak dan segar, kaldunya enak tapi ga bikin enek. Eh ternyata di jakarta buka juga, di daerah Santa. Rasa teteup enak, tapi sayurnya kurang banyak cing..dicampur irisan rawit..sedaapp

  • me

    the chicken salad is nice tho…
    i like it very much…

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