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August 26, 2009 | Central jakarta, Closed, Italian Cuisine, JAKARTA

Pizza Boutique
3 weeks ago, SC & I planned to watch UP at Plaza Indonesia. Before movie, we usually grabbed something to eat first. Our choice that time was Pizza Boutique located at Plaza Indonesia’s Extension. It was too early for dinner, so the place was somewhat empty. I ordered some mushroom cooked in butter and our favorite kind of pizza: Quattro Formaggi (pizza topped with four types of cheese). In Pizza Boutique, they put cheddar, mozarella, ricotta and feta on top of the pizza. It tasted OK but I think it was a bit too salty because of the liberal use of feta cheese. However, the mushroom is quite a disappointment, as it came drenched in a lot of butter. Overall, I think this place is overrated and pricey and I’m not interested in what they called gourmet pizza/dessert pizza.
Pizza Boutique

Pizza Boutique
Plaza Indonesia Extension, Level 4
ph. +62(21) 31996655

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  • V

    Kursinya tapi terlihat nyaman yah? 😀

  • Jiewa

    Woo.. I see the ’boutique’ ambience right there.
    How expensive is it ? 😀

  • wortel

    gue waktu itu makan pizza yang pake topping lasagna (sounds weird) n bolognese sauce n it was soooo good!
    pizza laen yang gue pesen…not as impressive sih. cream cheese, olive, n lamb kl ga salah isinya.
    ama iseng pesen dessert pizza, dengan topping oreo etc. surprisingly asik jg dimakan hahaha.
    overall, pengalaman gue cukup ok disini untungnya 🙂
    lebih2 karena ada vitamin G….alias gratis 😛

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