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September 3, 2008 | Balinese Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

Two weeks ago, we went for a short trip to Cirebon with several friends, but before that we had lunch first at Pondok Sekarbela. The restaurant is serving traditional Lombok dishes such as Ayam Pelecing, ayam Seraten, Pelecing Kangkung, Beberuk etc.. From the menu we choose : Ayam Seraten (less spicy that ayam pelecing) 14K, Ayam Pelecing 14K, Ikan Nila Seraten 45K, Ikan Gurame Pelecing 45K, Sate Pusut, Pelecing Kangkung, Kime-kime daging sapi 14K, beberuk 8K. The restaurant was not so full at lunch time but we still have to wait for a while for our orders to come. Overall, the dishes all tasted spicy as SC complained about it throughout our lunch. Still, I didn’t think it was spicy enough (maybe my senses have been ruined from eating too much chili). The satay was quite small and contained more coconut that meat. The price was quite pricey compared to the size, but it was worth a try if you love spicy food.

Pondok Sekarbela

Pondok Sekarbela
Masakan Traditional Lombok

Jl. Suryo No.54
South Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 72793241

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  • Daniel Prawira

    Gosh… i always wanted to try this one but never get a chance… looks so yummy…katanya bisa milih kadar kepedesan makanannya bukan jenz? yang lo pesen wkt itu pedes bgt atau gmn? Rasanya lbh pedes dr masakan manadonya Beautika ya keliatannya? Any reccomendation menu disitu jenz? thanxxx

  • jenz

    seinget gw sih ngga bisa milih kadar kepedesan, cuman yang pelecing lebih pedes daripad yang seraten. (walo bagi gw yang pelecing juga ngga pedes2 amat). klo menurut gw lebih pedes masakan manado sih.
    saran gw sih pesen ayam/ikan pelecingnya (btw ukuran ayamnya mini, mungkin pake ayam kampung), kime2 juga boleh. sate pusut jangan deh (lebih banyak kelapa daripada dagingnya).

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