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March 20, 2011 | Medan, With Pork

While we’re in Jose Rizal area, I asked around for the famous Popiah Jose Rizal. It was not far from Laksa Jose Rizal and we walked there. It is only a small street vendor selling Popiah (Chinese fresh or fried spring roll), but there was quite a queue at the place, mostly for take away. Since there is a table and a few seats, we sat down and ordered 2 popiahs @4K (one fresh and the other fried). It was delicious. As usual, I liked the fresh one better and there are some of charsiew in the fillings too.

Popia Jose Rizal

Po Pia Jose Rizal
Jl. Jose Rizal

Note: for Jakartans, there’s also a delicious popiah sold at RM Sinar Pagi, Pasar Muara Karang. 🙂

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  • V

    Yes! I like fresh popiah more too!

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