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December 10, 2009 | CUISINE, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

I’ve been meaning to visit this place from several months ago, but due to its popularity, I was unable to make the reservation and was told to make a reservation 2 weeks ahead. After that, I just lost my interest. But last weekend, my friend managed to reserve a table for the 10 of us on Friday night. So we went there and after waiting for a while, we were given a table inside. The interior design of Potato Head is actually quite interesting, with walls and ceilings covered with lots of old window panels in various sizes. The lighting is very poor, so please forgive my poor pictures. I don’t quite like this place since our table was directly under the aircon that blown us with cold air from top & behind.

Potato Head

While waiting for friends to arrive, we began by ordering escargots 55K (it’s a bit on the salty side and I much prefer Java Bleu‘s escargots) and hot chocolate 35K. Shortly after, we continued with our orders: Baked baramundi 100K, chilli prawn 80K, roast chicken 80K, duck curry 80K, aglio olio tuna spaghetti 65K, jerk chicken 80K. For drinks, we ordered macchiato 35K, hot lemon tea 30K, equil still water 25K, coke 20K and ginger ale 20K. Overall, the dishes were acceptable, but nothing really stood out. The portion was quite delicate as I was still hungry afterwards. For desserts, we ordered pumpkin cheese cake 45K, apple berry pavlova (almond meringue layered with apple strawberry and vanilla ice cream) 50K and toffee date pudding 45K. In my opinion, the dessert was clearly much more worthy of praise than the main dishes. Although one of our friends complained that the cheese cake was not cheesy enough, I surely loved the pavlova and toffee date pudding 🙂

Potato Head

Potato Head
Pacific Place Mall G 51A SCBD
Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
South Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 5797-3322

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  • Daniel Prawira

    U should try the toffee date pudding @ gourmet garage jenz. Its the best in jakarta. Buat g yg di potato terlalu kasar potongan kurmanya.

  • Budi Hhatalim

    agree with daniel prawira, gw selalu ke gourmet garage kalo mau makan toffee date pudding, so far gourmet punya still the best

  • Elia

    The tiramisu and banana tartin from Potato Head is also very good. My friend who knows the owner told me most of the sauces from the main meal is actually cooked from scratch by the chef so you’re getting a really good quality dishes. And Antoine from Java Bleu is their Consultant..It’s a good place to chill I guess..and yes the aircon does gets to me too!

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