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January 1, 2009 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, Closed, French Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

Leaving Cafe De Paris, we walked several blocks to Plaza Bisnis Kemang. At the back of the building, right next to Die Stube restaurant (will try this next time), is a French Crêperies. The room was quite dark, decorated in red classic wallpaper wth several vintage posters on the wall. I felt like I were on Moulin Rouge’s movie set. This place is famous for their home made ice cream, sorbet and crepes, but they also serve several kinds of savory dishes.

Flambee Crepes
From their crêpes sucráes au froment (sweet crepes) selection we ordered the Flambé (crepes with mandarin liquor flambe served with vanilla ice cream) 40K, and from the coupes garnies (home made ice creams and sorbets) we ordered Can Can (vanilla, coffee and rum raisin ice cream served with espresso sauce, chocolate jelly, meringue and chantilly) 39K. The ice cream portion was very generous and tasted delicious, but the star of the show was the wonderful crepes. Served in flamed liquor, it tasted very different from the crepes we usually had. I love the bitterness of the liquor, which balanced the sweet vanilla ice cream and savory crepes. All of that dissapeared rather quickly from our sight. 🙂

crêperies – ice cream – bistrots de France

Plaza Bisnis Kemang I
South Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 719 2320

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  • lindie

    Salam kenal Jenz…betul banget tempat ini asyik bgt buat makan crepes n ice cream…saya suka yg savoury pake salmon…kalo es krimnya yg ada sorbet raspberrynya jd pas kena choco sauce n meringue nya wuiihh nikmat….btw kalo mau order sausages dr die stube jg boleh kayanya cos sy pernah liat someone else did that…

  • yun

    I hope someday they will be smoking free environment 🙂

  • lia

    yup praline memang enak dah lama kan resto ini. cuma bukannya mereka sempet pindah daerah cipete ya? talking bout die stube i liked this place. modelnya lebih mirip bar and if you eat non halal try pork knuckle

  • Daniel Prawira

    Jenz, as lia said die stube is really famous for their pork knuckle…but it takes 2 hrs my advice u have to order it on ur way there…their bratkatoffeln (german fried potatoes) is way better than the one @ ya udah…they had delicious bratwurst and pork steak 2

  • Irene Kartika

    Hi Jen.. Hot chocolate-nya juga enaaak. Pekat, kental dengan sedikit chilli (CMIIW)yang bikin rasanya lebih unik. Sama dgn Lindie, saya juga suka crepe gandumnya yang pake smoked salmon, yumm….

  • jenz

    wah, kalo soal hot chocolate sih.. sejak coba pure chocolate blend di creole, kayanya gw susah deh berpaling lagi 😛

  • Dewi

    Eum….mau tanya nih. Di Surabaya ada cabangnya gak ???. Thanks….

  • Tjing2

    @Dewi: Sudah ada tuh di Sby barat..bersebelahan dengan Pisa Cafe di Jl. HR. Mohammad

  • Diana

    it’s closed already 🙁 i went there a few months ago..
    i love this place.. they serve good crepes.. heard they have another branch which i’m not sure where it is.. but i heard is not as romantic as the one in kemang..
    right now the restaurant owned by dutch, the name is change, they still served crepes also though..
    right now the ambience of the restaurant is a bit different, not as romantic as i recall when i still owned by french.. maybe one day i’ll try it.. last time i was dissapointed and decided not to try hahahaa…

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