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August 3, 2012 | Balinese Cuisine, Closed, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, North Jakarta

I rarely go to Kelapa Gading area since it was quite far from where I live. So when a friend asked me whether I wanted to go there, I quickly said yes. I asked around in Twitter about anything to try, and some of the recommendations said we should try Putera Lombok. Since I’m a fan of spicy food, I decided to give it a try.


We arrived there around 2PM in the afternoon. Putera Lombok is at a shop house/ruko in Kelapa Gading boulevard (which was formerly Depot Murni selling Balinese cuisine). As the name implies, they serve Lombok dishes such as ayam bakar taliwang, iga bakar, sate lombok, plecing kangkung , beberok terong, etc. For the chili, they have 2 spiciness levels: Pedas and Pedas Mampus. I recently got Lombok chili as a gift from Febi’s recent trip to Lombok and it was by far the most spicy chili I had ever tasted, so I didn’t dare to order the pedas mampus level. We ordered half portion of ayam taliwang (pedas) 18.5K, plecing kangkung (pedas) 11K, terong bakar (pedas) 11K and a portion of sop iga 33K for my friend’s daughter. It was delicious! The chili sauce was very spicy, but I can still taste the terasi in it. I was curious what the pedas mampus chili would taste like, so we ordered a small portion of the chili in question to sample. It was so so so hot, I can only use it as a dipping and I had to order another glass of ice tea to cool down my burning tongue.

Overall I can say that this is a must must visit place for you who love spicy food, and for those who aren’t, don’t worry, their sop iga was also very tasty. The meat was tender and the vegetables were cooked right. So will I be back? I think you already knew the answer 🙂

Putera Lombok
Jl. Boulevard Raya TN 2 No.35
North Jakarta
Delivery +62 (21) 4584 0360

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  • ruth

    positif; hari ini aku akan makan ayam Taliwang lagi! sayang Putera Lombok ini jauh yee… ah tapi apapun lah, yg penting harus makan ayam Taliwang & plecing kangkung hari ini.

  • koki.gila

    pedesnya mantab,,, bikin nagiih~ must try..!!

  • Elvina Febriani

    dlu aku sering makan situ thu.. emang enak pedesnya nampollll

  • Dewi


  • Lily

    my favourite food! I usually order the pedas mampus level even though it brings pain in my stomache :p

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  • Irawan

    Hey, you should try to the new branch in bintaro, sektor 7 CBD, Ruko Kebayoran Arcade 1 blok C3-36. Nice ambience and food.

  • AM

    Their outlets in the kelapa gading areas has closed and changed to other tenants

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