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November 28, 2005 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert

Last night on our way home, SC & I stopped by a small road side cafe for dinner. The place have some food cart that sell various meal such as “nasi goreng, mee goreng, etc”, “sate padang”, “pisang goreng” and “putu“. after browsing around we decided to order 2 portion of kwetiaw goreng ( so standard – nothing special 🙁 ) and then SC ordered putu for dessert.

Putu is one of Indonesian traditional cake, there is 2 type of putu available here : Putu Bambu (make from salted coconut-milk with a lump of palm-sugar in the center of the dumpling and then steamed in a container made from bamboo shoot), “Putu Mayang” ( made from steamed rice-cake pressed through a perforated mould and thus resembling vermicelli, which is sprinkled with shredded coconut and palm sugar), both was very delicious usually eat while still warm, can be found at traditional market, usually at night, or sometimes you could found it in a wheeled cart that past through your house.

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  • norfaedah

    boleh kah saya minta recepi menbuat putu bambu yang benarnya saya ada recepinya tapi bila di buat tidak jadi mentah di tengahnya tepung beras garam dan air boleh tolong selesaikan masaalahnya terima kaseh

  • Silvia

    Can i ask something for my final project? There are so many Indonesian Desserts. Not only putu, but still many others. Have u ever tried before?? Such as Kueh ku, klepon, blendung, cenil, lupis,etc. If this food sell in traditional market that not quiet clean, would you tried it?? Do you want a book that describe many things about Indonesia Dessert? In that book, there’s some place you can find this food, taste, the making, and some culture stories?? Please give me your opinion.
    Thank You

  • Jenz

    Hi Silvia, salam kenal ya. Off course being an Indonesian myself, I already tried most of the Indonesian traditional dessert (jajan pasar) you mentioned above.
    Some times if I’m in a traditional market an saw some jajan pasar vendor, I would like to try some of it (yes, even if I’m not sure its clean or not).
    I would be very interested in a book about Indonesian traditional dessert, the culture, recipe and how to find them (especially the one that already hard to find) 🙂

  • pinky

    Di kelapa gading ada putu yg enak, lokasinya di jl raya boulevard, sebrang apt wisma gading permai, dekat Eloquence English Course.
    Nyobain ke situ gara2 liat selalu rame.

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