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May 9, 2007 | Closed, JAKARTA, South Jakarta, Western Cuisine

We went to the recently opened ‘Q Smoke House Factory’ for dinner last week, no its not a smoking room, but their specialty is “wood fire barbeque”. The restaurant was decorated in wood, open ceiling with a dimly light that creating a warm & cozy place. Their concept is providing the authentic barbeque experience, the ribs was marinated and cook for minimum 8 hours in custom built barbeque pit imported from USA, using a mix of fruit and hardwood (pake kayu nangka bukan? kerja sama dgn departemen kehutanan ya?). And since It was the soft opening, they offer 30% pre opening discount for all the menu listed.

q smokehouse factory

So here’s what we ordered : for appetizer they have 3 choices : fried shrooms (breaded deep fried mushrooms served with ranch dipping sauce) 15K, Q buffalo wings (deep fried crispy wing marinated in spicy chili sauce) 17.5K and spanish fries (crispy baby potatoes, garlic mayo, spicy tomato sauce) 15K. We ordered fried shrooms & spanish fries (love both of it especially the fried shrooms).

The recommended entree salad was “asian salad” (greens with asian sesame dressing, crispy noodle) 15K, you can asked for additional smoked chicken for 5K only. For main course there are 3 choices of steak (Q rib eye hawaiian steak 49K, Q cajun strip loin steak 49K and Q cajun chicken steak 28K) 2 choices of pasta (spaghetti bolognaisse 25K, spaghetti with cream sauce, smoked chicken, fresh tomato, spinach & green pea 25K).

q smokehouse factory

And their specialties : “barbeque beef ribs” (meaty falling-of-the-bone tender beef ribs smoked for 8 hours in barbeque pit) for only 34K (regular 2 ribs) and 49K (jumbo 3 ribs), smoked spiced chicken 28K. All the specialties are served with coleslaw, grilled bread, sliced onion and if you dare to eat jalapenos, you can request for it 🙂 In my oppinion the ribs are incredibly delicious, so juicy and tender with not to sweet sauce, its hard to find such quality of ribs with this price in Jakarta, plus it came in avery generous portion and a stylish appearance *very recommended*, I still longing for that ribs till now. oh, they also got a selection of sandwich do try their “Q burger” (Q’s reinterpretation of the old time favorites with piled high smoked beef brisket, sauteed onion & BBQ sauce) 25K.

For drinks they offer : hot & cold coffee (espresso, latte, flavored latte, capuccino, americano), tea (hot : chamomile, earl grey, mint tea, green tea, ginger tea, vanilla tea, cold : iced lemon tea, peach tea, lemongrass tea) and fruity & bubbly selection. We like their “refreshing strawberry” 15K and “minty pineapple” 12.5K, they also served italian soda (non alcohol) with various syrup that was worth trying. 🙂

Q Smoke House Factory
Jl. Panglima Polim IX no.16
ph. (021)720 0672, 720 0671

hours of operations (soft opening)
coffee bar 11:00AM – 10:00PM
restaurant 11:00AM – 10:00PM

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  • tx

    OMG! lagi lapar2nya di jam 4 sore, baca posting & liat2 foto ini. siksaannya luar biasa!!
    cool jenz! 🙂

  • Ak

    Itu harga yang di atas sebelum atau setelah diskon yah? Kayaknya asik banget nih tempatnya.

  • Jenz

    According to the menu : price listed are excluded the special pre opening discount. 🙂

  • pink

    wow bikin ngiler abizzz.. soft openingnya sampe kpn yah? thx =)

  • tx

    jenz, promonya sampai kapan?

  • jenz

    mm kurang tau.. mungkin bisa dicoba telpon kesono & ditanyakan langsung?
    tapi menurut gw sih.. walaupun tanpa diskon tempat ini masih terhitung murah

  • joni

    ini di pangpol dimananya ya jenz?

  • jenz

    klo ga salah sebaris ama Apotik Jaya, sebrang circle K. 🙂

  • aysh

    gue udah coba ..! dan ini godaan paling gawat sepanjang history diet gue….ribsnya ruar biasa abisss….mana murah banget lagi…

  • Andrian

    foto2nya menggoda bgt buat yg lagi laper….

  • bicil

    gluk… slurp…huaaah program dietkuuuuuu hancuuurr…. enak banget kayanyaaaa ga mungkin ga gua cobain

  • Andrian

    tried this last night 😀
    Tony Roma’s Ribs taste w/o The Kantong Kering :p

  • chiquita

    dalam 2 minggu ini gue udah 3 kali ke sini !
    konon emang kayu untuk ngasep ribs-nya akan ganti-ganti. bisa kayu nangka, kayu mangga. gue tawarin kalo mau coba pake kayu belimbing, bisa ambil di rumah gue :p
    btw, besok siang gue mau makan siang sama keluarga gue di sini lagi 😀

  • rain

    tried the barbeque ribs and i dunno…. kok g agak geli ya soalnya dagingnya masih merah2 gitu kaya darah. yikes…..
    i paling gak bisa makan kalo masih ada sisa2 darah. Jenz, katanya uda di-smoked for 8 hours ya? kok masih kaya mentah ya?
    tried grilled chicken too and nothing special.

  • Jenz

    Menurut pihak Q : “merah itu karena ada nitrit yang terbentuk dari proses pengasapan…. jadi bukannya belom mateng…. kayak kornet lah….”

  • hery

    gleks.. cabut lah hari minggu… mantap punya neh kayaknya 🙂

  • pink

    finally try it yesterday, muaaaannntaaaaapppp meeen…
    great taste with great price also >_

  • Andrian

    after 2nd try to this place…
    not quite good as the 1st time 1 came…:((
    the ribs are very2 disappointing :((
    ( asin bgt sama dah ngga diskon pulak ;p )

  • Windy Dhanutirto

    great food, great presentation, affordable pricing.. loved the strawberry shortcake!
    too bad we were placed in this smoking area which is separated from the waiters’ station, so a bit difficult to get their attention for service..

  • ferren

    have tried it. two thumbs up for the fried shroom, refreshing strawberry n for the service.
    Thanks a lot jen ^^

  • RAD

    have tried it too..i think its quite affordable..i mean for ribs..the price not that expensive. tempatnya sepi yaa..apa krn baru.. blm bnyk pengunjung ??..btw gue nyobain chicken gitu yg jumbo 3 ribsnya..enak..mnrt gue dagingnya empuk

  • lucy

    hi jenz gue baru aja lunch disana…gila bo endang bambang gulindang terutama ribsnya..tks ya jeng for infonya..

  • Mita

    My Fave is Q Buffalo wings! Bener kata RAD, tempatnya masih sepi, sampe sekarang. Last weekend i went there wiv my bf, dan cuman ada beberapa pengunjung aja.
    And u know what Jenz? ngga sengaja gue denger pembicaraan beberapa pengunjung itu. They decided to try the ribs karena baca review di website lo!

  • Evan

    macnchesse enak sekali aku suka di Q smoke house makanan nya di Q smoke house factory

  • mei

    Finally ada makanannya juga..nyummy

  • Fian


    q smoke house di jalan suryo n setiabudi one masih buka. kemarin baru aja makan disana 🙂

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