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August 26, 2010 | International Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta, Western Cuisine

Q Smokehouse Factory

One of my favorite restaurants is opening a branch at Setiabudi One earlier this month. On the opening day, we went there with a group of friends for dinner and ate like Obelix. We ordered most of our favorites there, such as BBQ brisket, BBQ ribs, reuben sandwich, onion ring, fried shroom, spanish fries etc. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was… Well, just think of the large banquet at the end of Asterix & Obelix comics. It was truly a memorable night.

Q Smokehouse Factory
And last weekend, we returned there for a break fasting (buka puasa) event. We ordered more or less the same menu again, but this time, the the owner & chef prepared several surprises for us. On arriving, we’re served with homemade peanut butter cookies made by the owner herself and some fruit cake from Mama homemade ice cream. Both were delicious. After that, we start our usual order: fried shroom 34K, BBQ brisket 69K (die die must try!) and Chimicurri Sirloin 72K. Meanwhile the chef was preparing something not yet on the menu. The first was a 400gr premium US Sirloin steak grilled medium-well and the second was grilled lambchops. The presentation was cool, especially the lambchops. The portion was big enough to share for several people. The taste? Superb! The lambchop was so juicy and rich without needing any sauce or gravy. After that, we’re given a scoop of Mama home made ice cream for dessert which goes very well with the cookies. We felt so full after that.

Q Smokehouse Factory
Upon paying, we’re given two gift certificates worth 200K to dine at Q Steakhouse Factory (can be use both at Panglima Polim or Setiabudi branch). So, I’m giving away those vouchers for two lucky readers in Jabodetabek area (100K each) who can guess close enough how much the US Sirloin Steak actually cost. Please leave your answer in the comment box below. I’ll announce the winner next week. Good luck 🙂

Q Smokehouse Factory
Setiabudi One Unit I – 156
ph. +62(21) 520 7078

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  • Kenny Japar

    i quess the us sirloin steak cost round rp. 125,000 (*cross my fingers)

  • Angella

    i think its around 80K

  • V

    Undian?! Keren amat Jen!

    PS: Jadi pengen steak!!

  • Anthony

    around 175rb??

  • admin

    iya Ven, kemaren ada 2 voucher ngga kepake. Kata Chica boleh dijadiin undian 😀

  • Audi

    Wih, ngiler…

    Tebakan saya harga 400gr US Sirloin Steak Rp80k. *crossing fingers* 😀

  • Andre

    my guess is IDR 260

  • Janti Purwadi

    Harga nettnya Rp. 286.440

  • Arman

    Kayaknya enak tuh. Harganya tebakan saya sih 137500

  • lorraine

    My guess.. IDR 215.000 🙂 yum yum…

  • shanti

    perhaps around Rp 200,000.00

  • Isdi

    My guess is Rp 195,000.00

  • Joni

    wih gede bgt 400gr.. tebakan saya Rp.252,000

    btw yg di setiabudi baru yah ini.. sama yg di pangpol sama enaknya?

  • Tjhin Yohana

    menurut gua sih rp. 249,000 🙂

  • epi

    Aku tebak 100rb deh harga nya 😀

  • arman

    Tebakan saya sih 285000 rupiah buat 400gr

  • Tania

    tebakanku 247500 rupiah

  • Ivy

    My guess is IDR 145,000

  • yulianne


  • Ayi

    Ikut ah Jen :p hmm 255 rb deh, siapa tau harganya naek hehe

  • Rio

    Rp. 247.999 🙂

  • christina

    halo jen, ikutan nebak ya!
    Rp 250 ribu deh 🙂

  • feLice

    ikutannn.. tebakan gw Rp 228 ribu

  • rady

    my guess is 100K

  • David

    ntar cobain ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • admin

    Hi all, thanks for putting your guesses here. Apparently, I didn’t check Q’s facebook page before announcing the contest. Since the correct pricing is already there, I decided to change the rule to make it fair. I gathered all your names and drawn lots to decide the winner. So, congratulation to dr.B and Rio. Each of you win a dining voucher worth 100K at Q Steakhouse Factory. I will email you guys for further details. 🙂

  • admin

    @dr.B: Check your email ya, I sent the detail to your yahoo & gmail address. 🙂

  • Rio

    thanks jen 🙂

  • faisal


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