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June 9, 2011 | International Cuisine, JAKARTA, No Pork, South Jakarta

qsmokehouse suryo

Several weeks ago, we had dinner with V & several friends (some blogger fellows: Febi, Lita & Benny) at Q Smokehouse’s newly opened branch at Senopati area. I’ve been here once, but since it was only SC and me at that time, we didn’t order much. Q Smokehouse is one of my favorite places for non-pork ribs/brisket. The place looks bigger and feels cozier than their other locations at Setiabudi One and Panglima Polim.

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So we started to order: cheese dip 39K, fried shroom 34K, onion ring 25K, and spanish fries for appetizer 25K. For the main course we ordered our usual favorite BBQ back ribs 99K, BBQ brisket 73K, BBQ short ribs 99K, chimicurri sirloin steak 75K, Hawaiian steak 75K and one asian selection: oxtail soup 52K. All the dishes were meant to be shared since it came in generous portions. They were still as good as I remembered. I especially loved the sambal ijo served with the oxtail soup. It was so perfect, I can eat all the rice alone with that sambal only. Later, the owner is kind enough to give me a pack of sambal ijo to take home 🙂


Besides the usual menu, we’re also given a sneak preview Q Smokehouse’s upcoming menu. We were given several samplers of their tacos and fajitas. Q Smokehouse’s tacos have various fillings: smoked chicken, beef brisket and even tripe (babat), topped with fresh salsa sauce and cilantro (I love cilantro!). It was super delicious. I especially liked the tripe filling 😀 The fajitas were also delicious and refreshing. The owner informs us that the new menu will be available every wednesday at Senopati & Setiabudi One’s branches.

Q Smokehouse
Jl. Suryo No.20

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  • Chiquita Hindarto

    Hai Jen !

    Thanks untuk reviewnya
    Kalo sakaw sama si sambel ijo, kabarin ya..nanti gue suruh bikinin buat loe

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