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September 27, 2006 | Indian Cuisine

Last Friday, I visited this place with several colleagues. I’ve been longing to visit this place a long time ago since I heard that this place served one of the best Indian Cuisine in Jakarta. Located at Plaza Permata Building decorated in Indian’s warm and cozy ambience.
Queens Tandoor

Here’s what we ordered : for appetizer : Roasted Papadam (a delicate thin crispy bread made from pulse flour) 14.5K and Cholay Chat 21.5K. for main course : Vegetable Matka Biryani (Basmati Rice cooked with masala and vegetable) 38.5K, several type of Naan (Garlic Naan 14.5K, Mix Herbs Naan 14.5K, Onion Naan 14.5K), Handi Paneer (a preparation of paneer / cottage cheese with home made spices served in handi) 39.5K and Harra Chicken Tikka (tender pieces of boneless chicken marinated in sprigs of fresh mint, coriander and barbequedin charcoal oven) 42.5K. For drinks we ordered : Pineaple Lassi 24.5K, Sweet Lassi 17.5K & Masala Tea 17.5K

Queen’s Tandoor
Permata Plaza
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 57
Jakarta 10350

Ph. +62(21) 390 3287
Fax. +62(21) 390 3286

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  • reza

    How did it taste jen?

  • joeyce

    Jenz…kelihatannya t4-nya asyik juga tuh. Btw, lebih enak mana dari Papadam Curry? Jenz, udah coba yang di Pasar Festival Kuningan belum? Disitu juga ada Indian Cuisine Jo belum pernah coba..:)
    Oh ya…kalau Jenz ke Medan lagi, jangan lupa coba yang di daerah Teuku Umar/Kampung Keling ya..disitu karinya top bgt…Duh jadi pengen nih :'(

  • Jenz

    Rasanya Mantabh, IMHO one of the best in town.. tapi gw emang blom nyoba banyak resto india sih…
    yang di Pasar festival kayanya Pakistani ya? blom nyba.. tapi emang udah ngincer2 dari dulu2 😛

  • Elisa

    Kalo mau ke Pakistani, jangan lupa dengan temanmu satu ini …
    minta diajak boo… hihihi

  • Jenz

    yuk yuk ke al nafoura di le meridien 🙂

  • Meutia

    “yuk yuk ke al nafoura di le meridien :)”
    Al Nafoura is meds/mid east, definately not Pakistani.

  • flyboy

    why didnt you try the indo-fusion cuisine?
    ayam panggang, sate madura, nasi siram ayam lada hotplate, pangsit cah siram

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