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April 1, 2009 | Medan, North Sumatra Cuisine

On our way home from Toba Lake, we stopped for lunch in a town called Perdagangan (about half an hour from Pematang Siantar). The restaurant sits on paddy fields that have been converted into fish ponds. The place appears simple and spartan, with a large wooden hut built right next to the fish ponds. We ordered several ikan mas (carps) to share. They weigh the fishes before cooking them and our orders total 2.3kg – 103.5K. We also ordered stink beans and grilled eggplants 9K, lalap or green vegetables 3K, rice 20K and a pitcher of citrus juice 35K to share. While waiting for the food being prepared, we have fun watching the fish in the ponds. Some of those fishes are huge, growing to as long as an adult’s arm. A while later, our meals arrived accompanied by sambal andaliman as the chili sauce. The food tasted delicious, simple but honest. After we finished eating, we did a little ritual like every other guests there – throwing the leftovers into the pond. The effect is quite spectacular as the carps came charging for food. We really have a fun time there, I wish we can return there again next year 🙂

RM Panggang Ikan Mas
Balian Jaya

Jl. Bandar Rakyat 1.2Km Air Bombongan
Perdagangan – Simalungun
North Sumatra

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