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January 26, 2007 | Thai & Vietnam Cuisine

Raa Cha
Last weekend I visited this new hotpot restaurant at Mall Kelapa gading III. From the restaurant name & interior, I can guess that this is Thailand style suki & BBQ restaurant. What makes it different from other hot pot restaurant is their serving system: after get a seat, we pick the ingredients to cook in a long row like a minimarket style, the price is differ from the food label: white 2K, red 3K, green 5K, salad 5K, fried items 3K, dessert 6K, chicken (BBQ) 8K, beef (BBQ) 10K, there’s several type of meatball at 2-3K each, wonton, fish cake, several type of mushroom, vegetable, noodles, vermicelli. So we picked what we want ant put it in our tray and then pay it. after that we return to our table & put the ingredient we purchased in the pot filled with chicken broth (they only had chicken broth, not tomyam). Overall the meal was good, plus they served 6 type of Suki’s chili sauce. The pot it self was very unique but in my oppinion it was too small, btw they put a logo of MUI HALAL certification on their brochure 🙂

Raa Cha
Suki & Barbeque
Mall Kelapa Gading III (Pintu Utara)

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  • Reza

    The review is coming up soon i presume. Don’t forget the price of the food Jen. Can’t wait to read about it.

  • Reza

    Great review Jen, thanks for the Halal thing also, hehehe, saves me the trouble of asking :D.

  • Reza

    Kemaren gue nyobain Jen, Menurut gue sih, enak. Apalagi saos2 nya asli appetizing banget. Seger. I took too many of those fish cakes thingy though causing me to spend too much. But overall it was great, the suki and grilled stuff was your usual fare but the saoses is the reason I’ll be back. Yummy banget.

  • Yoanna

    iya, kemarin2 juga sempet cobain, gara2 review kamu Jen, menarik, hehehe..selain rasanya sedap banget, unik banget ya tempatnya, pengen balik lagi deh, despite ‘panci’ nya yang terlalu kecil 🙂

  • karin

    Raa Cha ini makanannya sedep bgt. Cuma ati2 kebablasan wkt pilih2 daging & sayurnya. Kynya dikit taunya pas uda dimasak jd banyak….

  • kinanti eka

    saya mau tanya semua hal tentang restoran raa cha, sebagai slah satu bahan penelitian saya untuk tugas kuliah tolong bantu saya

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