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November 8, 2008 | Central jakarta, CUISINE, JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, Noodle, South Jakarta

Last month, when I was meeting SC around Sarinah for dinner, we stopped by Ramen 38 that serves authentic Japanese noodle. Ramen 38 at Wahid Hasyim is the smaller branch from the one located at Melawai street, in the 2nd floor of the same building that house Kamome Japanese Supermarket. We ordered the usual: Tonkotsu Ramen (pork bone broth soup ramen served with pork slices, wakame and topped with nori). In my opinion, the ramen at Melawai tasted better than this one. I think this ramen was too salty, but maybe that night was not my lucky night.

Ramen 38

Ramen 38
Gedung Wisma Haka Lt:1
Jl. KH. Wahid Hasyim No.71
Central Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 3923810

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  • Steve

    Wah Jen, I think maybe it wasn’t your lucky night… Ramen 38 in my opinion is really good ramen. Comparable to the one I had in Tokyo (Best ramen ever). So far they have not disappoint (yet). You should give them another try.

  • chiquita

    gue lumayan suka ke ramen 38 dan selalu pesen jigoku *obat flu ampuh banget*
    tapi akhir-akhir ini kok gue ngerasa mereka pake MSGnya lumayan sadis ya ?
    terakhir ke sana, lidah gue sampe kebal gitu..

  • lindy

    Jen, harga nya berapaan di ramen 38, tiap hari lewat tapi belum kepengen nyoba…kl buat yg gak makan pork tetep ada pilihan lain khan?

  • Jenz

    @lindy: kalo ga salah ramen di sanpachi ramen 38 ini berkisar antara 40-50ribuan. banyak kok pilihan ramen yang tidak mengandung babi.

  • yee

    Kemaren coba yg di artha gading, asin banget + MSG super banyak. Don’t think I’ll go back again, very dissapointed

  • Hary

    Yep. this one is good. Do try kira kira ginza also in melawai area.

  • Abraham

    I think none of ramen 38’s branches manage to reach the one in melawai’s bar. For me it’s sky-to-earth difference. As expected from a franchise establishment though :p

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