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April 18, 2012 | East Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, West Jakarta

Starting this month, to explore more about Indonesian cuisine, I’ll do a thematic review each month about an Indonesian dish. Everyone who has a blog is welcome to join and write about Indonesian food. Just mention us on twitter or leave a message on this blog & we’ll link your review to our list.


So, this month’s topic is Rawon. Rawon is an Indonesian traditional black beef soup originating from Surabaya (East Java). The black color of the soup is created by using keluwak (pangeum edule, fruits of the kepayang tree). The soup tasted very rich and flavorful from the addition of other spices like garlic, shallot, candlenut, turmeric. The dish is usually eaten with rice and accompanied by baby bean sprouts, salted duck egg, prawn crackers and sambal.

Rawon is usually available at restaurants specializing in Surabaya/East Javanese Cuisine. But some upscale Indonesian restaurants also have it too. So I’ll share some information about places that offer Rawon in Jakarta.

  • rawon-ekajayaRM Ekajaya
    Located at Pesanggrahan street (near Puri Indah), this place is probably one of our favorite restaurants serving East Java Cuisine. A portion of rawon costs 17K and came with a plate of baby bean sprouts, prawn cracker and sambal, which we can add according to our preferences. The soup was flavorful and the meat was tender. You can also order salted eggs if you like. I’d like to crush the salty egg yolk into the soup to make it more rich and creamy. Besides rawon, Ekajaya also offers rujak cingur which is a spicy fruit salad with the addition of cow’s nose and uses petis (fermented shrimp paste) in its sauce to add a very unique kick. To some, it may look disgusting, but it’s delicious if you dare to try it 🙂
  • rawon-ngulingRawon Nguling
    Back in 2010, I tried a rawon place at Kelapa Gading area, called Rawon Nguling. Apparently Rawon Nguling is a popular name among Rawon lovers. The rawon itself was delicious, the meat was tender, but I noticed that their soup is much lighter and far less richer than the one from Ekajaya.
  • rawon-mbah-jingkrakMbah Djingkrak 
    Mbah Jingrak is a slightly more upscale Javanese restaurant (pricewise, it’s probably on par with Sate Khas Senayan) specializing in very spicy dishes. If you like spicy food, you should try their rawon. They added some crushed red eye chilis into the soup, so it’s already quite spicy without any additional sambal.
  • rawon-warung-ngalamWarung Ngalam
    I almost forgot about this place, located in the parking lot of Midori Restaurant & Bersih Sehat Massage at Wahid Hasyim street, Menteng. This place serves East Javanese cuisine, and one of them is Rawon. From what I remembered, their rawon is also worth to try.
  • Bale Dahar
    Located on Jl. Panjang, this is also a good place if you want to sample Javanese cuisine. The place is usually very crowded during lunch hour on weekdays. I like to order their nasi pecel, but SC once tried their Rawon and it was also a very decent one.
  • RM.Kedungsari
    This place is famous for its Durian juice (sinful but delicious), but also serves some Indonesian food. Their Rawon is also good. So if you happen to be around RCTI TV station around lunch time, do give it a try.

So, tell me, where’s your fav rawon place in Jakarta?

Our Rawon Hunters:

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  • p00h

    Depot Malang, Jalan Cikajang.
    kalau masuk dari wolter ada di sebelah kanan jalan 🙂

  • Fendy

    Bah bener2 rawonhunter. Lgsg 6 resto sekali review mantapsss….

  • veny (@veny_d)

    Rawon di Pecel Madiun BSD
    atau Rawon buatan mami ku , paling enak ha2x.
    saya juga pencinta rawon . !

  • admin

    @Venny_d punya tulisan di blogmu ttg rawon? kalo ada bisa dishare di sini. 🙂

  • veny

    ttg Rawon , saya ga review secara khusus Jen krn tempat yg saya kunjungi jualannya specialist Pecel >> Pecel Madiun

  • leo

    Always inspiring photos… great job Jen!

  • admin

    Thanks Leo, di Medan ada ga ya yg jualan rawon?

  • milhitam

    Waroeng Nj. Annie… di Pasar Modern Bintaro…
    Cuma ada malem di tenda-tenda sekelilingnya..
    Tulisannya “Waroeng Nj. Annie – specialis sop buntut” … tapi Rawonnya enak banget… isinya daging semua.. cocok buat yg gak suka lemak..

  • sopjagung

    @milhitam: Yaaaaa, bukannya rawon justru enaknya kalo pake daging yang berlemak-lemak gitu?

  • MakanMasak

    kayaknya rawon nguling mang enak, enak lgi rawon buatan sendiri xixixi

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