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May 5, 2010 | Chicken/Beef/Mutton, East Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, North Jakarta

Last month, we’re in Kelapa Gading area and looking for something to eat. It was well past lunch time and I still couldn’t make up my mind where I want to eat. After making a couple of rounds around Kelapa Gading Boulevard, SC decided to stop at a place that grabbed his attention. It’s a restaurant specializing in rawon (SC is an avid rawon fan). I read about this place once and was quite interested to try it. So we went inside and ordered Rawon daging 18K for SC and empal penyet 14K plus steamed rice 4K for me.

For beverages, we ordered orange juice 8K and lime juice 7K. It was delicious. The rawon is quite different from what we usually had. It was more like clear soup cooked using kluwek and the meat was also tender. My empal penyet was delicious too. It was tender and accompanied with a delicious sambal, not too spicy and not too sweet. 🙂

Rawon Nguling

Rawon Nguling
cabang Probolinggo

Jl. Boulevard raya DF8
ph. +62(21) 4531-534

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  • zea

    Sebagai org Ja-Tim, their rawon is not the best. Masih enakan rawon bu endang/rawon setan.
    Never go back there again after my first visit. Ga tau ya klo pusatnya di jatim sana sih denger2 lebih enak dari yg di gading.

  • ana

    Rawon nguling yang di malang enak banget.. Cuman pernah nyobain cabangnya yang di jakarta selatan.. Not that nice.. Makanya penasaran mau cobain yang di kelapa gading.. Really miss my hometown food ..

  • V

    Gue tertarik sama kecambah dan sambelnya :))

  • Chiquita

    kalo gue lebih suka rawon di kantin blauran di daerah cipete-fatmawati. bumbunya lebih medok

  • Ashlee

    Ah, this looks delicious. I only tried Rawon recently for the first time, when I was in Solo. I really enjoyed the dish, what a great meaty flavour it has.

  • Pepy @ Indonesia Eats

    I enjoyed rawon nguling since I was a kid at their original branch, Nguling. Nguling is actually part of Pasuruan, and located right at the border Pasuruan and Probolinggo.
    However, it didn’t taste the same anymore the last time I had about 10 years ago 😀

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