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August 16, 2008 | Chinese Cuisine, Closed, Dimsum, JAKARTA, North Jakarta

Two weeks ago we had dimsum at Red Sapphire, a new chinese restaurant located at a new place called Pluit Junction. It looks glamorous from outside and nice from the inside. The walls are plastered with red wallpapers and Chinese poems written on them. A few pieces of Chinese antique furniture are scattered about. The dimsum menu consists of about 30 items to choose from. We picked mini egg tart (3pcs) 10.8K, prawn dumpling 13.8K, Xiao Long Bao 12.8K, chicken feet 10.8K, beef cheong fan 13.8K, prawn cheong fan 15.8K, char siew cheong fan 13.8K, siew mai 13.8K, taro cake 12.8K, chasiu pie 12.8K, duck dumpling 12.8K, fried prawn dumpling 13.8K, fried durian dumpling 20K, pork ribs with taro 12.8K. with Chinese tea (ti kuan yin) 5K. Overall, the dishes tasted above average & the price was moderate, but the service was quite slow. We had to wait for some time for every order to come to our table, especially our last order: fried durian dumpling, which took more than 30 minutes. Hopefully if we have the chance to return in the future, they would have already improved their service.
Red Saphire

The Red Saphire
G/F, Unit 010-010b Pluit Junction
I Pluit Raya Street
North Jakarta, Indonesia
ph. +62(21) 66607332

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  • Joanne Fennessy

    Hello Jenz,
    As your avid reader and an aficionado of Indonesia Chinese (Tionghoa) food, I wonder if it is possible for you to post more on the Indonesia Chinese (Tionghoa totok or peranakan) food instead of the Chinese food from other part of the world.
    Seriously, I personally believe that Indonesian Chinese food is one of the most delicious food I have eaten. Thanks.

  • herlina

    setelah baca ulasan kamu, saya coba dinner di sana, dan menurut saya in overall semua makanan yg diorder mempunyai cita rasa yang enak. Resto ini satu grup dengan cuisine cuisine yang di lantai 2 fokus common chinese food, juga resto menu 1 dilantai yang sama yang menjual bubur dan mie hongkong yang nurut saya rasanya enak, boleh dicoba Jenz kapan ada waktu. Tq buat ulasanya, jd bertambah tempat makan favorit keluarga saya deh.

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