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October 10, 2008 | Beverages, JAKARTA, North Jakarta

After eating so many Nasi Campur Bali, we decided to find a place to cool our stomach down. We went to the newly relocated Coffee Tree (previously located on Mall Artha Gading). The place are far more spacious than the old one, 2 storey town house, with the second floor dedicated for the smokers. We got a cozy sofa at the ground floor and ordered black coffee 20K, hot kahlua mocha 32K, ice kahlua mocha 35K, irish cream mocha 35K, ice tiramisu latte 39K, tiramisu 29K and ice cream vanilla 15K for dessert. The coffee tasted delicious plus a nice latte art on every cup, and I love their tiramisu, one of the best in town in my opinion. 🙂

 Coffee Tree

Coffee Tree
Kelapa Gading Square
Block C No.38A-B
Kelapa Gading
Jakarta 14240
ph. +62(21) 458 66 899

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  • wawabear

    Jen, kopinya pakai susu semua atau ada creamer nya ya? Susah banget di jakarta cari latte yg pure milk, kebanyakkan campur dengan creamer..

  • Dian Hadinoto

    Cmiiw, yg dipake adalah susu bukan creamer.
    Ini tempat andalan gw banget! Tempatnya cozy, ada wifi gratis, kopinya enak banget, kue2nya yummy.. And the owners are almost always there.. Such a great ambience.. Ayo support kopi (dan kedai kopi) lokal!

  • Anonymous

    This is my 2nd comment about this cafe..great coffee comes from a great beans..and this place have it! The owner’s son always greet us a warm welcome, even grind and brew our order then deliver ’em right into our table 😉 try their Wild cherry coffee, it has a unique taste. Their Espresso house blend and Papua New Guinea coffee are unquestionable..just ask em, and have a sip! Note: you can choose your coffee brew, by coffee maker, french press, or syphonn (hopefully I write it right ;p)

  • sonya

    One afternoon, my boyfriend asked me to visit Coffee Tree, right next to my apartment in Kelapa Gading Square. He used to go to the one in Artha Gading Mall.
    Once I walked in, I fell in love straight away to the artistic, sophisticated interior design n the friendly people inside.
    From that moment on, I used to spend time there with my boyfriend, reading books n enjoying the quiet n comfortable ambience, as well as their delicious coffee.
    If I may give a suggestion, please open till after midnight on weekends.
    I’m really sure this place can compete with Starbucks.
    Just give out more advertisement n let people know where it is.
    One more, please enrich the choices of cakes, especially chocolate based cakes. Yummy…

  • melicious

    Hi jen… blog lo ini bener2 keren abiz dan gue suka bgt sm comment2 lo…
    btw, coffee tree ini di komplek ruko kelapa gadaing square ya? blum sempet nyoba nih, padahal deket sm kantor…
    oiya jen, cobain cafe du chocolate yg di seberang mall kelapa gading deh.
    death by chocolate EX mah lewaaat…

  • vinorange

    Wahh… ternyata Cofee Tree pindah ke Kelapa Gading Square toh… gw pernah nyoba sekali, emang enak… mau nyoba ah kesana… Thx Jen buat infonya 😀

  • Reza

    Jen, kelapa gading square dimana ya? Deket ma MOI atau MKG? Or maybe near Erha Clinic?

  • jenz

    Kelapa Gading Square itu di area MOI, tepat di ruko blakang restoran Angke

  • Steve

    Jen, which one is better… the tiramisu here or cappocacia?

  • nadia

    wah sering nih duduk-duduk di sini. chai latte nya agak plain sih. tapi tiramisu nya very soft and yummy, one of the very best

  • Sarah

    tetep free wifi gak nih yg di Klp Gading Square?

  • judo

    free wifi, gw just know di coffee tree ada product baru coffee SUMIYAKI. mantap rasanya seperti gw minum di Japan. hebat banget!

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