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October 3, 2012 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, No Pork, West Sumatra Cuisine

I rarely do product reviews, but Rendang Andeh is too good not to share. As a fan of spicy foods, Padangnese is one of my favorite foods among many Indonesian dishes. Since my cooking skill is not something to be proud of, I often search for something I could purchase to enjoy at home. I’ve tried several versions of rendang, but haven’t found the one I truly like. Either it was too sweet, too mild, not hot enough or the meat was too tough. Until one day, I saw someone share a picture of Rendang Andeh on Instagram, I’m intrigued and quickly place an order.

Rendang Padang Andeh Khas Kuburajo

Rendang Andeh is a homemade beef dishes made by my friend’s mom who originated from Kuburajo area in West Sumatra. Cooked with lots of spices for many many hours, the result is very tender and well-seasoned meat. I particularly love their rendang paru (rendang made with beef lung). They also have rendang daging (beef), rendang ayam (chicken), and also something suitable for vegetarians if I’m not mistaken. So if you’re curious about how it might suit your taste profile, head straight to Rendang or mention them on twitter @rendangandeh.

PS: This is not an advertorial review. I’m not getting paid doing writing this nor did I receive free food sample. I bought the product simply because I want to try it.

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