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July 26, 2008 | Closed, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, North Jakarta, Western Cuisine

Ya Udah
Ya-Udah was our old time favorite western restaurant, we’re dissapointed when they decided to sold the premises at Jalan Jaksa. So when we heard & read that they’ve opened again in the new location, we’re very excited. Last month, on 15 June, several days after their reopening, we head there with several friends for brunch. The new place on Kelapa Gading Boulevard is not hard to find, located a few hundred meters from the Kelapa Gading/Kayu Putih/Perintis Kemerdekaan intersection. The interior stayed more or less the same. I guess they tried to create the same atmosphere like the one at Jaksa. There are 2 separate dining area, inside or at the terrace. We chose to sit at the terrace, which is sheltered by a yellow awning. That’s why all the pictures we took looked yellowish. 🙁

Ya Udah
The menu is exactly the same like the old one. We ordered: Swiss man’s breakfast, consisting of berner rosti (hash brown potatoes with onion, bacon cubes & cheese), a crispy bacon rasher, a chicken sausage and a fried egg, served with butter, jam, honey & farmer’s bread or toast bread + coffee or tea for only 33.5K, farmers bratswurst 31.5K, potato salad 10.5K, hungarian goulash soup (with a chunk of farmer’s bread) – standard bowl 23.5K, chicken mushroom soup 23.5K, pork farmer bratwurst (180gr of a charcoal grilled coarse German Bratwurst served with a standard side dish) 31.5K, ham steak 36.5K, beef steak 49.5K, chef salad 19.5K, apple pie 18.5K. Overall, the dishes still tasted delicious, although it was a bit on the salty side. We enjoyed the hearty meal with wonderful friends, plus a friendly service & very reasonable price. 🙂

Ya Udah Bistro
Jln. Boulevar Raya Blok DG No. 7-8
Kelapa Gading Permai
North Jakarta – 14240
ph. 453 5783, 453 5784, 453 5786

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  • Venny

    Swiss man’s breakfast, consisting of berner rosti (hash brown potatoes with onion, bacon cubes & cheese)
    Lucunya… org Swiss gak bakal makan ginian buat breakfast :)).

  • Benny

    Setuju kalo makanannya masih enak, terutama sausage-nya.
    Sayangnya aura Ya Udah ini tetap tertinggal di Jalan Jaksa. Dan beberapa kali lewat rasanya tidak seramai Jalan Jaksa. Mungkin karena pas di pinggir jalan raya jadi agak brisik, gak nyaman buat ngobrol atau baca buku.
    Masih suka mampir sih, untuk sekedar beli Bratwurst mentah.

  • jenz

    @Venny: hahahaha… maksudnya makannya ngga sebanyak ini, atau ini bukan menu sarapannya org Swiss?
    @Bence: mungkin blom banyak yang tau kali Ben, tapi dipikir2 emang susah sih.. di Gading saingannya banyak.. dan tempatnya dia agak2 brisik emang kalo makan di teras.

  • Daniel Prawira

    Setuju seh… ga tau kenapa Ya Udah jadi ilang ‘greget’nya semenjak pindah di gading… mungkin karena lokasinya yang agak mojok dan kurang strategis kali ya? padahal makanannya masih enak en very2 reasonably priced.

  • rain

    kemren nyobain di sini. kecewa banget deh. laki g mesen pork loin beef, rasanya aneuhhhhhhhhhh banget, sumpah deh. kalo salad dan bratwurst-nya sih lumayan….

  • yee

    Kalo boleh tau, lokasi pas nya dimana ya

  • sopjagung

    Deretan depan Kelapa Gading, sekitar 500 meter dari lampu merah perempatan Perintis Kemerdekaan – Kelapa Gading.

  • Tjing2

    ATTENTION!! It’s a sad news coz Ya Udah will close their bistro @ Klp Gading, precisely unsure but last time I went there (jan 11th) they put a message that the main message is their closing down the place within this month. I ask the waitress there they mention jan 15, but better check. It’s a pitty since my hubby enjoyed their sausages soooo muchh..hope the owner will soon announce their new place..

  • Tjing2

    Just got message from Ya-Udah bistro, they’re opening their new outlet at Jl. Johar #15 Gondangdia Menteng. Phone +6221 3909010 / 314 0343. Opening hours will be as usual, everyday from 08:00 – Midnight 24:00 with the exceptions of Friday & Saturday by and any day which is followed by a holiday they open till 02:00 AM.

  • Lia

    Di Johar rame bgt.. infact gw skg lg di yaudah krn mrk ada free wifi. Mrk jg ada penyesuaian makanan, lbh mahal beberapa ribu utk beberapa makanan. Gw udah pengikut setia yaudah dr di jaksa, gading ampe skg ini

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