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July 3, 2009 | Bali, Balinese Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, Seafood

Still in the same day, we went to Jimbaran to have dinner an hour before sunset. Actually, I wanted to try a new restaurant rather than going back to Menega, but we couldn’t make up our mind so we went back to the old stalwart. As we arrived quite early, we ordered the meal to be served after sunset, got a seat in front of the beach and just sat there enjoying the moment. For our dinner that day, we ordered: 0.4kg king prawn 54K, 0.8kg yellow crazy fish 48K, young coconut 20K. plecing kangkung and steamed rice are included. Overall, it still tasted great, but I guess everything will taste delicious if you eat with your loved one at a lovely beach 🙂

Menega Cafe
Fresh Grilled Seafood
Jl. Four Seasons Resort – Muaya Beach
Jimbaran – Bali
ph. +62(361) 705888
fx. +62(361) 705999

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  • diana

    i couldn’t agree more,jenz! 😉

  • Anisya

    Agree. Once I tried the diner next to menega. Their jumbo prawn wasn’t as fresh as I had in menega. Suggestion: grilled jumbo prawn and grilled rainbow fish. They are splendid!

  • Daniel Prawira

    Great food! Great views! Esp their lobster and shellfish. Yummy!

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