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November 9, 2012 | Bali, Japanese & Korean Cuisine

In between our activities in Bali with Avilla group, I managed to wander with several food bloggers looking for something to eat. On our first night, we went to Take Japanese Restaurant on Jl. Patih Jelantik, Legian area. I visited this restaurant several years ago and had a very good impression, so I decided to visit it again. IMO, Take is an authentic traditional Japanese restaurant with very reasonable prices.


We arrived around 9:30PM and luckily, Take’s last order was on 10PM, so we still have time to order. Since we previously just had quite a big feast, we only ordered several items. So we ordered sake kazu soup (mixed vegetables soup with sake) 44.5K, umi budo (seaweed with sweet sour sauce) 25K, seki wake I (sashimi combination for 1 person) 110K and gyu tan (beef tongue) 59.8K to share. The sake kazu soup were cooked in a dobin tea pot consisting of fish, mushrooms, some vegetables with miso broth. It was so delicious, the soup was warm and flavorful. I also like the umi budo very much. It’s a type of sea kelp from Okinawa that has a succulent texture, a bit like chewing fish roe. It tasted a bit sour, but goes perfectly well with the sauce. The sashimi was fresh. The gyu tan was prepared in front of us, unfortunately it was a bit tough to chew, maybe we took too long to photograph it and it went cold. But overall we’re very satisfied with the place and I look forward to visit it again soon.

  • sake-kazu-soup-take-japanese-restaurant
  • seki-wake-1-take-japanese-restaurant
  • take-japanese-restaurant-gyutan
  • take-japanese-restaurant-umi-budo

Take Japanese Restaurant
Jl. Patih Jelantik
Legian – Bali
ph. +62(361) 759745
fx. +62(361) 755928

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  • leo -

    Yeap yeap, kalo 1 blogger doank motonya gpp yah masi enak gyutan nya, ini berempat sampe dingin semua makanannya haha.. Gw bener-bener rindu sake kazu soup nya…

  • Rubs

    Wheee, the post is up!

    Thank you jen for making the order. That was good food. Setuju sama Leo, Kazu Soupnya the best!

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