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September 25, 2013 | Bandung, Chicken/Beef/Mutton, Closed, International Cuisine, No Pork, Western Cuisine

SC has always wanted to visit Wind Chime again since we were so impressed by the meal we had the first time we went there six years ago. So this time, we decided to have lunch there again. Although we found out that smoking is allowed in the restaurant, the staff ensured us that we’ll be seated in another room away from any smokers. So we arrived at Sawung Galing Street around 11 AM and the place hasn’t changed at all. I kept my fingers crossed that the meal would be as good as I remembered.


So we decided to order something from appetizer, main course and dessert to share. We picked Individually baked mixed wild mushrooms tart with Balinese spiced tomato confit 35K, Grilled 180gr. USA Choice’s Butcher wife’s steak with portobello, snap peas, mixed peppers, whipped potato and bordelaise sauce -maximum cooking medium 175K (of course we picked medium, I don’t fancy well done steak!). And for dessert we went with Hot chocolate truffle cake with passionfruit coulis. minimum order 2 portions 55K. For drink I went with Bramble noir (blackberry, strawberry, lemon juice, lime juice and crushed ice) 28,5K.

  • the-wind-chime-bramble-noir
  • the-wind-chime-bread
  • the-wind-chime-wild-mushroom-tart
  • the-wind-chime-butcher-wife-steak
  • the-wind-chime-hot-chocolate-truffle-cake
  • the-wind-chime-lemon-sorbet

After we ordered, the waiter gave us each a warm bread to munch on while waiting. The first dish came not long after that. In my opinion, the mushrooms tart already tasted good without the Balinese tomato confit. Don’t get me wrong, the sauce tasted good, I just don’t think it meshed well with the mushroom. Next, we’re each given a glass of pineapple sorbet which tasted very refreshing. The star of the day was definitely the entree. The steak was served cut into several pieces, with the red still present just like a medium cooked steak should’ve looked. It was so good, I stopped thinking about comparing it with other steak I’ve tried and just savor the moment as I ate. It was so tender and juicy and really have a melt in your mouth effect, the mashed potato were also top notch. After that came the dessert. The melted chocolate tasted as good as I expected, not too sweet and the tangy passionfruit sauce complemented it.

Overall we’re very satisfy with the meal we had at the Wind Chime, the price are still very affordable compared to Jakarta’s steakhouses. Right now, I’m already plotting my return and I do hope that Chef Felix will consider having a degustation meal on his menu.

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  • Andree

    Brought my 5 yrs old son there last july, pasta dishes diminished from the menu, mostly meat steak and fish steak, luckily my son goes well with the salmon steak.
    The Butcher Wife’s steak is amazingly delicious.

    Windchimes is a hidden gem in Bandung 🙂

  • Natri

    Wind Chime has been closed 🙁

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