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April 18, 2013 | Bali, Beverages, International Cuisine


From La Lucciola, we went to a coffee house in Seminyak area called Revolver Espresso. It’s a very Australian/New Zealand-style coffee shop. The room is not big, but nicely designed and feels cozy. Since we’ve just had our breakfast, we only ordered a cup of cappuccino 25K for me and ice chocolate and mint 25K for SC. My cappuccino has a very nice rosetta latte art and although I don’t know much about coffee, I really enjoyed it. So if you’re happen to be around Seminyak area and craving for a good cup of coffee, do try Revolver’s Coffee.


Boutique Coffee House
Jl Kayu Aya #3 Seminyak – Oberoi
ph. +62 (361) 7884968

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One thought

  • Bayu Amus

    I heard they’re among the best coffee houses in Seminyak; however I thought it was going to be a bit bigger place 🙂

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