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November 23, 2007 | INDONESIAN CUISINE

Several weeks ago, we went to RM Aceh Baru, located across MKG3 (next to Bank Niaga). I’ve been wanting to try the food here because I heard that the chef/owner previously worked at Meutia. The last time I visited Meutia (they said that they’ve just changed management), I was dissapointed by the food quality there. The meals they served at Aceh Baru are more or less the same with Meutia. And like Meutia, they also serve Ayam Tsunami as their signature dish. Originally, this dish is called Ayam Tangkap, so I asked the owner why he would change its name. He reasoned that this is the favorite dish among foreigners who flooded Aceh after the Tsunami. We tried their Ayam Tsunami plus a plate of Mie Goreng Aceh. Both tasted OK, but not superb. Overall, I still prefer the one at Seulawah.

ayam tangkap aceh baru

RM Aceh Baru
Masakan Aceh

Jl. Kelapa Gading Boulevar Blok LB No.32
North Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 4501070
fx. +62(21) 4500806

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  • yunianto

    sangat bagus cuma pelayanannya kurang rasa oke, tempat cukup

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