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December 11, 2012 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, Medan, No Pork, North Sumatra Cuisine, Seafood

Asahan River view from rumah makan Cap Lak Can, Tanjung Balai. Asahan

When I was in Kisaran, my brother took me to Tanjung Balai, a seaside town in Asahan District about 4,5 hours from Medan. The city is famous for its seafood and we were directed to go to RM. Cap Lak Can for lunch. Apparently, the restaurant is located just several doors away from RM. Cap Go Can which offers similar menus, so the competition is fierce. The place is humble, with a back deck facing Asahan river, the favorite spot to sit since we can also see some water transportation and sometimes an eagle is flying low.

Rumah Makan Cap Lak Can, Side Dish

The restaurant offers fresh water fish such as ikan bawal (pomfret), ikan senangin (threadfin), ikan sembilang (gray eel-catfish) and ikan pari (whiptail stingrays) that can either be grilled or fried. My brother ordered three portions of grilled and fried ikan senangin that came with sliced bird eye chili drenched in kecap manis, sambal belacan and several choices of side dishes. This is the kind of food that is best eaten using our hands. The fish was certainly fresh. It was a freshly caught fish, so it didn’t spend time in the refrigerator. Love the chili sauce, crispy fried salted fish and the eggplants. The total cost for all those food was only 122K. It was cheap, honest and delicious.

Ikan Senangin Bakar & Goreng - RM. Cap Lak Can, Tanjung Balai, Asahan

RM Cap Lak Can
Jl. Veteran simp jl. Asahan, samping Pos Pol AIR
Tanjung Balai, Asahan
North Sumatra

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  • leo

    Di Medan juga ada rumah makan Cap Lak Can tapi jual chinese, not sure apakah ada hubungannya Jen.. Ntar gw coba deh

  • shen

    hey, this is my hometown! thanks jen for reviewing it! 🙂
    rindu makanan di cuma cap lak can saja, nasi lemak, mie pangsit, makanan di beberapa tempat makan di teuku umar dan sekitarnya juga enak..hee.. :9

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