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April 5, 2016 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, Manado, South Jakarta, With Pork


Among the rows of food kiosks at the bridge between Mall Ambassador and ITC Kuningan, there’s a place called RM. Esa Genang that serves a damn good Manado cuisine from Tinoor – Langowan. I remembered years ago I took my mom for lunch here and we had a very good version of brenebon soup (a thick soup made with red beans and pork legs). About two months, ago we had an errand to run at ITC Kuningan and decided to go there for lunch.


There are quite a few kiosks serving Manado food in this area, but most serve only non-pork version, so RM. Esa Genang stood out among the others. They separate the food display into two carts, one for the non-pork dishes and one for the pork dishes. The non-pork cart is dominated by fish/seafood dishes like cumi woku tinta, ikan kuah asam, cakalang and many spicy dishes while the pork cart displayed tinoransak, babi dibulu, babi rica-rica, babi kecap, sweet/spicy pork satay. On the weekend (Friday-Sunday) they serve brenebon soup.



The ordering system here is self service. So we grabbed a plate, add as much rice as we like and then add our own chosen dishes and then pay. I usually asked which is the spiciest dish and often ended up with either tinoransak/babi dibulu, a big scoop of tumis bunga pepaya and a spoon full of dabu-dabu that cost me about 35K. For SC who can’t eat spicy food at all, he usually picked brenebon soup but when it’s not available, he chose either babi kecap or cumi woku tinta with perkedel jagung.



I can say that RM. Esa Genang almost never disappoints. The dishes were mostly spicy and the meat was tender. The brenebon soup is arguably the best I’d ever had, rich and thick with very tender pork. So if you’re in the area, give this place a try and tell me what you think about it.

RM. Esa Genang
Masakan Khas Manado – Tinoor Langowan
ITC Kuningan
Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio No.Lt. 4
South Jakarta
Phone: +62(21) 68054155

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  • Chika Lesmana

    Esa Genang emang ok, murah jauh kalo dibandingin Beutika. Cuma sayang kalo pas jam makan susah cari tempat duduk. Kenapa gak pindah ke tempat yg gedean yaa?

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