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May 20, 2011 | Medan, North Sumatra Cuisine, Seafood

There’s one post left on my previous North Sumatra trip. My brother took us to a place called RM Gule Masam Gaok located somewhere between Tanjung Balai and Teluk Nibung. RM Gule Masam Gaok‘s signature dish is Gulai kepala ikan (fish head curry). We called first to make an order because the fish head curry is cooked by order and it would take some time to cook it. The place itself was very simple with wooden floor and several long wooden tables.

Gulai Kepala Kakap

The four of us ordered a portion of gulai kepala kakap (snapper head curry) 120K and gulai kepala mayong/manyung (catfish? head curry) 80K to share. The dish was served with a plate of daun ubi rebus (steamed cassava leaves) with sambal (I didn’t remember if it’s sambal belacan or not). From the appearance, gulai kepala mayong look much bigger than gulai kepala kakap. But we had to agreed that gulai kepala kakap tasted better, as the texture of the mayong fish head was too hard and the meat is not much. On the other hand, we really enjoyed the gulai kepala kakap as it was very tasty, the gulai (curry) was cooked in Melayu-Deli style, they use some kecombrang in the spice so the coconut milk tasted more fresh. I hope we can return to this place again.

RM. Gule Masam Gaok
Jl. Yos Sudarso
Tanjung Balai – T. Nibung
ph. 0623 595851
hp. 0812 65613783

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  • dr. B

    looks yummy jen!!! hehe

  • Denny Harun Bangun

    I was born in tg balai, these two fishes are my fav. But for me mayong is more delicious than kakap. Mayong is not a cat fish, i don’t know h’ to decribe it but more like “ikan pari”.

  • surya

    wah…makanan nya mahaallllllll…

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