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June 19, 2013 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, Manado, North Jakarta, With Pork

This restaurant is one of those places that don’t have a signboard up. From outside, it looked just like an ordinary house. The interior is also simply done, but clean with ample parking space.

Besides common Manado dishes such as sup brenebon (red bean pork soup), tinoransak (pork in spicy sauce), babi rica (pork in another type of spicy sauce called rica-rica), and ikan bakar (grilled fish), Bambu Kuning also offers roast pork served with Manado’s special sambal rica that is rarely found in other Manado restaurants in Jakarta. In my opinion, this in one of the ‘must order’ dishes at Bambu Kuning. Overall, all of the food we ordered were delicious or superb. Not too spicy, but with bold and tasty spices.


The price for the food featured in the photos above, plus two pork skewers, four steam rice, two iced teas and two orange juice is Rp 207,000. It is relatively inexpensive when compare to the ‘fancy’ Manado Cuisine restaurants scattered in the city center, don’t you think?

Written by Lidia Tanod from Diet Start Tomorrow

RM Bambu Kuning
Jl. Kebon Bawang VI/20
Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Utara
Telp: +62-21-4352860

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