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June 10, 2010 | Central jakarta, Chinese Cuisine, CUISINE, JAKARTA

About 2 months ago, We went to Pasar Baru to buy shoes. Nath joined us there, and instead of looking for shoes, we ended up trying several food places located around Pasar Baru. We really had a good time there 🙂 Our first stop is at a Chinese restaurant located at Krekot Bunder (behind Metro). The restaurant got an old school look, with a too fat dog sleeping in the corner. We ordered their specialties: Guo Tie (鍋貼) 40K (10 pieces). There are several condiments on the table: garlic, chili sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, and black vinegar (which tasted very weird as it has been mixed with acetic acid). I combined some garlic with chili and sesame oil as it makes great dipping sauce. The guo tie (fried dumpling) looked very appetizing, and tasted delicious too. But they put some cilantro in the filling, so those who can’t stand the smell of cilantro should better avoid it 🙂 Although it was quite pricey, I think it was worth it. On our second visit, we also ordered the shuijiao/水餃 (steamed dumpling) 40K, fried bihoon 40K, fried noodle 40K, ta lu mian 40K. All of that tasted good too 🙂

Kuotie Krekot

RM Krekot (d/h Kuo Thie)
Jl. Krekot Bunder Raya No.14 (belakang Metro)
Jakarta Pusat
ph. +62(21) 384 3972, 386 4073

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  • veny

    ahh kuotie krekot udah lama g ga mkn . skrg udah 4 rb/biji ? yah pricey sih tp emang enak koq !
    my fav kuotie yah krekot
    cilantro = kucai yah ?
    suka banget kucai ,

  • V

    Waks! Da Lu Mien? Gak ada fotonya Jen? Gue suka banget! Kuahnya asam2 gitu?
    Veny: cilantro = yan sui/daun tumbar/coriander leaves

  • dr. B

    this place has the yummiest kuo tie!!!! u shud try the spicy sour soup, yummm

  • finny

    Yup… this is one of my fave resto. Its “fried bihoon” and “guo tie” are must order dishes…

  • Daniel Prawira

    Its like my childhood memories food jenz, for me its still like the best kuo tie ever!

  • veny

    Thanks V for info he22
    ohh cilantro = yan sui
    ic ic …

  • fenny

    If u want to eat wotie & fried bihoon, u should go to this place. But if u only wants to eat wotie, u should try wotie shantung Jl. Sumagung Kelapa Gading Permai, not too far from BCA Atm, open at 5 pm. It’s better and cheaper. Around 30 K/10 pieces

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