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April 8, 2011 | Medan, North Sumatra Cuisine, With Pork

After that, we went back to the hotel for a while before trying another Bataknese restaurant. This time, we went to the famous RM. On Do located at Sekip area. This restaurant is bigger than Tabo Bah, with a wide and green backyard + a big gazebo as the alternate dining area. Off course, we chose to sit at the back of the restaurant. It was already past lunch hour, so we can easily get a table. From what I’ve heard, this restaurant is owned by a Korean – Chinese couple.

On Do Grill Batak

The three of us (minus SC) were in the “babi buta mode: on”, and we started ordering babi panggang 19.5K, saksang babi 15K, pulos-pulos 9K, babi goreng 19.5K to go with steamed rice 4K. For the drinks, we ordered martabe juice 16K, sirsak juice 16K and teh tong 3K. It was delicious. I liked most of the dishes, but much like what I felt at Tabo Bah, the dishes and atmosphere didn’t feel authentic. Maybe on my next visit to Medan, I’ll visit RM Tesalonika that serve more authentic Bataknese BPK 😛

RM. On Do Grill Batak
Jl. Pabrik Tenun No. 45
ph. +62 61 4511608, 4566762

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One thought

  • wi harbin

    You miss out Oma Tabo bataknese restaurant with
    a great atmosphere .its also own by chinese.
    Onma Tabo is bigger than Ondo.

    you can check on face book onma tabo

    add: onma Tabo

    jl:bukit barisan 2. no 6620226
    krakatau Medan

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