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March 30, 2009 | Medan, North Sumatra Cuisine

While we’re in Toba, I wanted so much to try the original Tapanuli dishes, but we were stuck with chinese food and hotel fare. The next day, me, my brother and SC went to find Lapo Batak. There were quite a lot of Lapo in the area and we didn’t know which one is good, so we picked one called Rindu Hutajulu. We ordered my usual favorite: pork saksang, pork panggang, dali ni horbo AKA curdled buffalo milk (plain & spiced) and sayur ubi tumbuk. It tasted good, but not of the die-die-must-try variety. The pork was a bit tough, but their andaliman sauce are really spicy. I was hoping we could try another lapo just for comparison, but didn’t have a chance since we’re heading back home that afternoon.

RM Rindu Hutajulu
Masakan Khas Batak
Jl. S.M. Raja no. 137
Parapat – North Sumatra
ph. +62(625) 41056

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  • zee

    Jen, enak mana sama Lapo Siagian yang di Lebak Bulus ? Sambel andalimannya enak banget.

  • jenz

    gw blom pernah coba lapo siagian di lebak bulus. klo dibanding sama lapo siagian di senayan sih kayanya masih menang lapo siagian.. tapi kalo sambelnya kayanya lebih enakan di parapat 😀

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