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April 25, 2008 | Central jakarta, CUISINE, JAKARTA, Thai & Vietnam Cuisine

RM Saji
I read about this place on Jalansutra mailing list about 2 months ago. Several members said that Saji serves up decent and very reasonably-priced Thai cuisine. So one day, along with some colleagues, we went there for lunch. The restaurant is located in a shophouse in Sudirman Park Apartment area. The interior is very spartan, just like a cafeteria with a bit of Thai accent in the corner.

The menu turned out to be a combination of noodle selection (mie ayam,mie bakso, mie goreng, lomie etc), rice (nasi goreng, nasi capcai, nasi goreng ikan asin, nasi goreng hongkong, etc), chicken (ayam goreng mentega, ayam goreng ala thai, ayam kungpao, ayam kuluyuk, etc), beef (sapi lada hitam, sapi panggang thai, sapi cah jamur, etc), prawn (udang mayonaise, udang cabe garam, udang tauco, etc), fish (gurame asam manis, gurame tahu tausi, etc), veggies (kailan polos, kailan cah sapi, bayam taiwan polos, etc), and some other common chinese dishes.

There’s no specific heading for Thai dishes, so we just picked several dishes that have Thai sounding names or are well known Thai dishes: Tom Yum Kung 22K, Ayam Daun Pandan Thai 20K, Cumi Cabe Garam 25K, Udang Goreng Cabe Garam 30K, Kangkung Belacan 12K with Thai ice Tea 7K. Overall, the meal was not bad. I especially love their udang & cumi cabe garam. The Tom Yum Kung, though tasty and aromatic, was not my favorite as it was not hot & spicy at all.

RM Saji
Sudirman Park C/32
ph. +62(21) 32302363

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  • CACA

    Sorry, but your review on Saji is over rated. I go to London school at sudirman park & often got diarrhea eating at Saji and my friends also. I will never eat there again.

  • London Schooler

    My favorite place to eat at London School. I go to Saji almost everyday because the food is delicious, price is moderate, service is fast, and also a good hangout place to meet with friends.

    Two thumbs up

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