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March 10, 2009 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, Medan, North Sumatra Cuisine

I’ve always wanted to try the real Medanese Soto, so I asked Sisca where’s the best/authentic Soto Medan in Medan? She took us to a very crowded place called Sinar Pagi. They are famous for their soto. There are two types of soto: soto ayam and soto daging (beef). We ordered each to sample. The soto ayam came in a bigger bowl than soto daging. The soup tasted rich with strong hints of spices. Their perkedel (Indonesian croquette) was also good. Personally I like the soto ayam better than the soto daging. The dishes are quite pricey, but I think they’re worth a try.

Soto Sinar Pagi

RM. Sinar Pagi
Jl. Sei Deli no.2D

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One thought

  • Kenji

    Ini sih konon salah satu dari Medanese food yang top yah? Berapa sih harga semangkok soto ayam disana? Nama tokonya Sinar Pagi. Apa jualannya cuma pagi aja?
    Juga apa mangkoknya ada yang porselen? Soalnya kuah soto yang panas2 dituangkan ke mangkok plastik melamin – salah2 nanti kena kanker.

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