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August 1, 2014 | Central jakarta, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, Manado, With Pork

A long long time ago, before I started this blog, a friend took me to a Manadonese restaurant on Jl. Kesehatan called Tinoor Indah, a humble restaurant with home-style cooking. I remembered eating Tinutuan (Manado style porridge) and bringing home their superb pork satay. So last week, when we drove past Hasyim Ashari street and catched a glimpse a sign for “RM Tinoor Makmur”, claiming to be previously located at Kesehatan street, I was so excited and decided we should stop for lunch there.


RM. Tinoor Makmur is located on the second floor of PAX Kemakmuran building. It’s an old building and the interior really looks like it. There is a counter at the back of the restaurant where they display all of the menu. So we ordered some dishes and find ourselves a table. I noticed that several patrons were smoking, so we decided to eat quickly.


  • rm-tinoor-makmur-roa-pampis
  • sate-babi-rm-tinoor-makmur
  • sayur-bunga-papaya-rm-tinoor-makmur
  • sup-brenebon-rm-tinoor-makmur

The dishes we ordered that day were cakalang pampis (Manadonese shredded fish with hot & spicy spices) 60K, Brenebon Soup (Dutch inspired red kidney bean soup cooked with pork knuckle) 40K, tumis bunga pepaya (stir-fried papaya flower) 35K, and pork satay (sweet and spicy) @6K. It was still as good as I remembered. The dabu-dabu (Manadonese chili sauce) was so spicy and the portion was also generous. The pork knuckle in the brenebon soup was so tender it literally melt in my mouth. Overall I really wanted to return, but considering their smoking policy, perhaps I should go there on irregular hours when not much people are eating.

RM Tinoor Makmur
Jl. Hasyim Ashari No. 23
Central Jakarta
(across the road from Bunda Hati Kudus Church)
ph. +62(21) 28 999 110 / +62(812) 872 872 36

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  • Meidy

    “a friend took me to a Manadonese restaurant on Jl. Kesehatan called Tinoor Indah” Was it ME? 🙂

  • Admin Post author

    Iya Med, elo yg pertama memperkenalkan Masakan Manado ke gw 🙂

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